Best Telegram Channels For Crypto Signals

Best Telegram Channels For Crypto Signals

Crypto signal channel

As the crypto market is very volatile and unstable, crypto trading is a bit different yet similar to stock trading, It needs deep analysis and dedication to buy and sell coins before they rise or collapse, which is why stablecoin price decreases as the crypto market rise, and increases as it collapses, because people use lots of sources to get signals of bullish and bearish markets, and relocate their investment to more profitable and stable assets in a bear market and vice versa, relocating from stable to profitable assets in a bull run.

Out of all the sources like YouTube, Facebook, or forums, telegram stands out, as telegram has a simple user interface like WhatsApp, which comes with the option to monetize the group and useful bots, which help to manage these groups and their members.

So let us talk about crypto trading signals in detail and the Best telegram channels for crypto signals.

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What is a Crypto Trading Signal?

Before offering recommendations on how to buy, sell, and trade bitcoin in order to make the maximum profit, a team of knowledgeable traders and analysts performs research on a trading signal service.

Crypto signals are widely used because their supporters think they handle the majority of the job. A cryptocurrency trader must keep track of their balances and proceed with care after commencing a contract.

You need to have some knowledge of social trading in addition to joining a signal group and researching it. You must also keep in mind that your transactions are properly managed and that you adhere to reputable risk-management practices.

The majority of cryptocurrency trading forums charge their members a monthly membership fee. Thus, before making payments, you must exercise due diligence.

Why are Signals Great For Traders?

The main advantage of signals is that they give their subscribers useful trading information. You can manage your assets well with the knowledge they offer.

With the help of signals, you may optimize your earnings by learning how to set objectives, stop losses, and the ideal times to join and leave a trade. They offer knowledge that is more in-depth than what you might find online or through social media analysis.

Why telegram is famous and ideal for crypto trading signals?

The popularity of Telegram as a hub for bitcoin trading is mostly attributable to how numerous cryptocurrency traders there are on the exchange. It’s the ideal instrument for reaching a sizable audience with communications.

Unlike other messaging platforms, Telegram places a greater emphasis on privacy. Additionally, there are more messaging bots available on the trading platform that is superior to those on WhatsApp. Traders can make broadcasts and distribute them to other group members by using RSS and automated bots.

Value Of These Signals

Your trading style, capital allocation plan, and initial investment all affect how much money you might potentially make. Providers are perfect for a beginner investor who isn’t familiar with the nuances of the bitcoin market, and they’ll provide you a terrific opportunity to get started.

You may use the signals to assist you to decide what to purchase, how to invest, and how to generate money. But estimating your income isn’t something you can do quickly. Overall, the crypto space’s signal group is constantly in doubt because of how much they differ in both the short- and long-term. Regardless, having the proper knowledge—which signal operators provide—is a necessary component of making money.

1. Fat Pig Signals


One of the more well-known Telegram channels for trading signals for Bitcoin and other significant cryptocurrencies is Fat Pig Signals. Some people may even view it as a veteran of crypto trading and signalling because it is led by seasoned traders.

Reason to rely on the fat pig with your money

  • Like the majority of signal suppliers, Fat Pig Signals offers both a public and a VIP-only Telegram group. To participate in the latter, you must pay. At the time of publication, the free channel had more than 60,000 members, while the VIP channel had about 8,000. You should be aware that the free channel only offers you a small number of signals from the VIP channel in addition to the most relevant market news and updates.
  • Each signal is carefully examined using a variety of technical indicators on the VIP channel, which provides more individualized assistance. This is a superior option for those seeking an in-depth, tailored analysis of the best positions to hold at the appropriate times.
  • With regard to all of its signals, Fat Pig Signals has a demonstrated track record of accuracy of more than 75%. The channel includes Bitmex/ByBit signals for margin trading as well as Binance signals with risk management.
  • Long-, medium-, and short-term indications are provided by Fat Pig Signals. Additionally, it provides portfolio management for your long- and medium-term objectives.
  • The channel is still operational throughout the world and offers 24/7 customer service, which is a huge benefit for both novice and seasoned traders.
  • Fat Pig Signals is distinctive in that, despite its technical nature, the chats on the channels are frequently interesting and varied. With their dark, entertaining sense of humour, the admins and analysts have established a connection with the user base.
  • Auto trading is available, thus your API credentials may be used to quickly set up the channel’s native bots.

One of the simplest-to-understand Telegram channels with high-quality free cryptocurrency and forex information is WolfxSignals. They have been active in the market since 2017, and they stand out from other channels with their very distinctive characteristics.

2.Wolfx Signals


In contrast to other channels, WolfxSignals features a free community of about 40,000 users who share unpaid, straightforward, and frank content. One of the simplest-to-understand Telegram channels with high-quality free cryptocurrency and forex information is WolfxSignals. They have been active in the market since 2017, and they stand out from other channels with their very distinctive characteristics.

What WolfxSignals can offer?

  • They offer excellent technical help. Your question will be answered succinctly and will aid in your understanding of the trade.
  • Every week, they provide two forex signals and two crypto signals on the free channel. Then, they supply about 15 signals every week on each of their two paid channels (one for forex and one for cryptocurrency).
  • They provide a variety of payment options to protect you against fraud. In order for you to judge their credibility, they also provide you with free access to the VIP channel for 5 to 10 minutes. The gang is from Spain and speaks both Spanish and English with ease.
  • Both languages are used on their website (
  • Since they have clients from more than 90 different nations, they also provide signals that may be followed from anywhere in the world.

3. Universal Crypto Signals

www.universalcryptosignals (1)

Saviour established Universal Crypto Signals in January 2018 with the goal of offering top-notch crypto education and trading signals that can improve the lives of crypto fans. For a number of exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin, FTX and Huobi, among others, UCS offers indications. Since its start, Universal Crypto Signals has had an overall accuracy of 96 per cent in spot trading and an accuracy of 88 per cent in futures and leveraged trading over a period of more than 4 years. The free channel for Universal Crypto Signals has 40,000 subscribers.

Why universal crypto signals?

  • Regardless of boom or negative markets, Universal Crypto Signals never skimp on signal quality or accuracy. If they detect market uncertainty, they restrict the number of signals because they value quality above quantity.
  • With superior risk management, Universal Crypto Signals gives the signals with accurate entry, profit objectives, and stop losses. The signals are generated using Saviour of Universal Crypto Signals’ original Safe Trading technique.
  • On their tradingview and Twitter accounts, they provide 5–10 technical analyses every day with charts and explanations for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

They provide a user-friendly service since they have a channel specifically for manual traders as well as for those who want the signals to be traded automatically into their accounts via the Cornix trading bot, which trades automatically in accordance with signals using the API keys. With fewer signal misses, users may make money while they sleep thanks to this.

  • The hidden gem signals from Universal Crypto Signals are also well-known for offering excellent returns over the long to medium term.

One of the greatest ways to learn more about trading is to participate in the Premium Chat Group, where premium members may debate various trade ideas and receive advice from the Saviour and staff.

One of UCS’s finest qualities is that they periodically propose the Percentage of portfolio holdings based on market situations. They offer guidance on adjusting the portfolio as well as suggestions on how much money to maintain in BTC, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies. This offers risk management a competitive edge. When BTC was around $60,000, this feature helped customers conserve a significant amount of wealth by advising them to maintain larger portfolios in stablecoins and fiat.

  • In the near future, Universal Crypto Signals will introduce its much-awaited portfolio-building programmes.

The cost of Universal Crypto Signals is among the lowest. Spot and futures trading are available on separate channels. The price for spot trading signals starts at $66 per month. Prices vary depending on the plans. Their most expensive service, which offers automated spot and futures trading, costs $155 per month. You may visit their website,, for more information on costs.

4. Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders

One of the first producers of crypto trading signals is Verified Crypto Traders, founded in 2017. The only provider of crypto signals to do so is this one, which is registered in accordance with Dutch law. They have a group of knowledgeable and talented dealers from Poland, the Netherlands, India, and the United States.

Reason to be in this group

  • The Platinum Club videos from experienced trader Eric, who has thirty years of trading expertise, are what Verified Crypto Traders are most well-known for. Eric strives to establish a portfolio for long-term reliability. With the aid of their risk management manuals and technical Analysis classes, they assert that these films assist users’ trading abilities.
  • Both a free-for-all channel and a VIP service with a variety of features are available.
  • Both swing trading and scaled trading have specific VIP channels for short- to medium-term deals. The VIP plans also include access to the Platinum Club videos and chat rooms for a variety of educational topics and idea exchanging.
  • Signals are provided for both spot and leveraged or margin trades on the VIP channel of confirmed cryptocurrency traders. They are more than 90% accurate in their spot trading. They also assert that their margin or leveraged trade accuracy is greater than 80%.
  • In addition to the trades offered in their Platinum club films, they typically offer three trading signals every day to VIP members.
  • Verified Crypto Traders’ Platinum Club Videos provide research on the Gold, Silver, Forex, and Stock Market in addition to their primary focus on Binance, kucoin, Binance Futures, and Bitmex signals.
  • For what they offer, Verified Crypto Traders charge surprisingly low and reasonable fees. Priced at $99 per month, the monthly plan. You may also choose from subscription plans that are priced at $270, $540, or $999 each quarter, bi-annually, or annually.
  • By connecting the API keys to the automated trading bot, users of Verified Crypto Traders are able to trade automatically into their exchange’s account.
  • They provide excellent customer assistance, and they also have a dedicated channel where they post signal findings.

Note :- None of this is financial advice its you money and we suggest you that you should do your own research before making any decisions. We are not affiliated with any of the links posted here.