What Are TMC NFTs & How To Buy Them?

What Are TMC NFTs & How To Buy Them?

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Confusion between TMC thememeclub NFT and TMC The machineCrafter NFT.

So there is a lot of confusion going on these days about what TMC is and also, the term is just too general to be used. I mean, some guy answered on Quora that TMC is a standard for measuring land and water.

Let’s look at the first term that’s pretty much popular on the keyword of TMC NFTs, and that is TheMachineCrafter_TMC on Opensea. Opensea is a leading nft trading and minting platform and marketplace. However, in India, the term TMC that has been a trendy yet confusing topic is “ Thememeclub” which is an NFT buying/selling and minting platform that allows creators to sell and collectors to buy their memes globally in the form of NFTs, and the platform also promotes them. Their discord server environment is friendly and they communicate in Hindi also.


  • backing and achievements.
  • Requirements for buying and verification?
  • Plans for revenue generation
  • What’s their size on social media?
  • floor price and perks?

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Who is behind TMC NFT and what are their achievements?

TMC NFTs twitter
TMC NFT twitter

If you know about Memechat, which came out in 2019, an Indian startup that’s been very well advertised and sponsored, yes! They are the ones behind it.

After MemeChat was named among the best apps in the Atma Nirbhar app innovation challenge and won in the entertainment category as people’s choice for the best app, they were the only ones selected for funds of 150,000 dollars from “500 Startups” in 2020. 500 Startups is a global VC that invests in potential startups. MemeChat was selected for the funding and the accelerator program after the process of selection.

They also work with top Indian OTT platforms like Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

MemeChat CEO and cofounder, Kyle Fernandes planned on educating the Indian audience for the first few months, as NFT is not a well-known term in India. He mentioned that they chose blockchain technology for the efficiency and transparency of all transactions. It’s a wise step to move forward with new technologies that also provide the best possible virtual safety against online hacks. It’s also cost-efficient.

How to buy memes nFT from “The Meme Club”?

TMC Wallpaper

The most basic eligibility requirement is to have an account on the Memechat app. It’s necessary if you want to buy NFTs (as per Discord). Then you need a Metamask wallet connected to Chrome and a few matics in that wallet. Their discord server has elaborated a guide on how to do so.

A few blogs mention verifying your ownership of memes. It is easy when you use Memechat for its creation. Verifying is necessary to avoid legal issues as lots of people try to sell other people’s art as their own. If you have created it on Memechat, then it is super easy to verify it and it won’t take much time.

How Does MemeChat Make Money?

It seems like Memechat wants businesses and companies to buy unique meme nft from TMC and then use it in their marketing campaign.

lots of crypto exchanges indeed use puns & jokes while using their marketing copy to connect with consumers and so other companies do the same. These days memes are a nice way to captivate the attention when we are in the race of attention span against goldfish.

Kyle Fernandes mentioned that the community can play a vital role in producing viral content. They claim that the community has the power to vote on making the next viral trend itself. These trends will be backed by the Memechat app, which claims to have a strategy to make that viral trend reach its peak or all-time high.

How Popular Is Memechat App?

Let us talk about the user base of both Memechat and ThememeClub combined.

Memechat has 5 million-plus downloads with 58k 4.8-star ratings in the Google Play store. The TMC Discord server has more than 7444 members, which is impressive.

Their Instagram account has 40.7k followers on the date of this writing.

The Twitter account has 1,400 followers. They have been active on Twitter since January 2022.

Floor price and perks of TMC NFTs

  1. What’s the price of TMC NFT? 

    The starting price is 25 Matic, which goes up to 50 Matic. Some nfts will be listed for auction, so they can go as high as the bidder wants.

  2. What are the perks that you can get from good NFTS?

    Some provide cake (the real one), a hoodie, and a metal card on an NFT that may cost you 40 Matic. So basically, goodies and snacks, etc.There are also giveaways of matic and other stuff depending on the donator, for holders and members of discord.