Similar Apps Like TikTok In India - [For Making Short Videos]

Similar Apps Like TikTok In India – [For Making Short Videos]

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Are you looking for the Indian Application that is similar to TikTok? Here is a list of the best similar applications like TikTok. If you are searching for an application that is made in India and similar to TikTok in terms of feature and usage.

By investing a considerable amount of time in the research, we have compiled the best applications that are almost similar to TikTok. If you are looking for the best apps like like TikTok In India, then you should read the following article.

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1. Mitron App

mitron app

A considerable amount of applications like TikTok is available in the India, and Mitron App is one of them. It is an 8.03 MB video-sharing application that is developed in Bengaluru. Mitron has already got a place in the Google’s top 10 free play application. This particular application has a 4.7 ranking on the Google Play.

Mitron allows you to create the fantastic videos, edit, share & browse. The popularity of the Mitron Application is on its hype. They have already raised Rs. 2 crores from 3one4 Capital in a seed funding round. You can also make access to such a great application from Google Play.

2. Changa App

changa app

If you are looking for the best application like TikTok, which is packed with the best features, then you should opt for the Changa app.  It is considered an Aatmnirbhar platform that is continually promoting desi talent. It is continually changing the dynamics of short video sharing platforms.

It is the best application that comes with a seamless interface for the short, quick video sharing platform. This particular app will allow you to showcase your creativity & hidden talents to a wide audience. This Application is available for the Android device but ISO version will be available soon. It has become a great platform for fun and entertainment.

You can also discover the best videos on the Changa app like dancing, singing, comedy & lip-syncing as well. You will able to create dance and music videos with ease using such an application.

3. Chingari App

chingari app

Nothing is better than Chingari that will enable a user to download & upload the videos, chat with your beloved friends. You can also make a strong interaction with the new people and will able to share the content & can browse via feed. Chingari users have already got the opportunity to get the creative for WhatsApp videos, status, audio clips & pictures.

You can make amazing videos in this app and use this fantastic applications in a variety of languages, including Bangla, Gujarati, Punjabi, and others. This app has crossed more than 5 million Downloads on Google Play Store.

4. Bolo Indya

When it comes to the best application like TikTok, then you should opt for Bolo Indya that has its roots in Gurgaon. This fantastic software will help you to construct the vernacular videos in the eight great languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada & Gujrati. This app allows you to share interesting ideas with the users.

The interface of the application is completely similar to the television. It also offers access to a variety of channels like Haha TV, Look Good-Feel Good & Bhakti. After launching they crossed 500,000 new users in just one day. Such incredible application is already planned to reach by 100 Million within months says Bolo Indya.

5. Lomotif

If you are an iPhone user and searching for the best application like TikTok, then you should opt for the Lomotif. With app like lomotif, you can do many of things. You can quickly make the collages & montages, add the videos & pictures. Users can also make the best videos on great occasions and will able to gain the followers.

This particular application enables the users to share content on the social networking platforms within a fraction of clicks like Facebook, Snapchat, Messenger & Instagram. This is an advanced application where you can do a variety of great things.

6. Cheez

In case you need the best TikTok app in India, then you should definitely try Cheez that is the best alternative application that will enable you to not only lip-sync to other music videos but you can also add other popular video categories like comedy videos, vlogging, and fashion.

When you are getting a significant number of shares, likes, and comments on a particular post, then you can easily earn lots of awards. It is also incorporated with the basic in-app video editing tools that will enable you to cut and trim the videos properly.


These are some great video applications like TikTok in India. Make sure that you try these applications where you can share and watch the best quality short video content. You can also make money using these apps easily after creating a fanbase.