Checking if Game Discounts are Worth it in 2022

Checking if Game Discounts are Worth it in 2022

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Every online business has a promotion these days. You want to buy a new pair of shoes? Look for a promo code. You want to buy a new antivirus for your computer? Look for a free trial.

In the gaming industry, promotions can be free video game skins. They could be loot boxes, free battle passes or casino bonuses. Here, we’ll talk more about game discounts and how to know if they are worth your time. 

Let’s dive right in.

1—The Price is Lower than Usual

When it comes to video games, prices change regularly. A new game might be released at $100. But after two weeks, the price could be covering at around $70. Within a couple of months, the price could reduce to $50 or less.

In light of that information, you can know a video game discount is worth it by checking its price history. How much did the game cost at the time of release? How about last week?

If it’s a great discount, the price should be much lower than the typical price. If a company claims to have a discount but you’ve seen the game cost a lower price, wait until you get a better deal.

In the gaming industry, promotions can be free video game skins. They could be loot boxes, free battle passes, a special price on D2 resurrected items for sale to help enhance your character, or casino bonuses. Here, we’ll talk more about game discounts and how to know if they are worth your time. 

2—You Need the Discounts

Lots of games and developers have regular discounts for players. But far often than not, you only need one of the promotions. Sometimes your favorite video game might not even have a promotion.

In the casino industry, however, bonuses are incredibly common. Nearly every casino has a promotion, especially promotions targeting new payers. If you would love to try out slots and roulette, therefore, chances are you need a welcome bonus.

What are the best online casino bonuses India? This is where good research work comes into play. Look for freebies from top-rated operators. In many cases, best-rated casinos also tend to offer the best bonuses.

3—The Discounts have Value

One of the biggest problems with gaming discounts is that they don’t always give you value for your money. Take FIFA 21 loot boxes as an example. You would love to add a top player like Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappe to your team.

But to get the player, you need to buy coins you can then use to purchase FUT packs. You need up to 5000 coins to earn a FUT pack full of gold-level players (top-rated superstars).

Still, to be clear, you don’t get a choice of the players to receive. Sure, you might have 12 gold players in your pack. But the game chooses the player you get, meaning you might not end up with your preferred player.

That said, some games and casinos provide real value. And these are the discounts you want to get. Maybe it’s a no deposit bonus with zero wager requirements. Or perhaps it’s free battle pass.

4—You Can Afford it

A good gaming discount is one you can afford. Imagine there’s a casino with a 100% bonus worth $1000. That means you need to deposit $1000 to your account to earn the freebie. On the surface, it is a good deal. You could play countless games with a $1000 bankroll.

On the downside, you don’t plan that much on casino gaming. In other words, the discounts could get into the way of your financial goals. In that case, the smart thing to do would be to spend less on the game. Alternatively, you can forego the promotion.

Although you want an affordable discount, it also needs to be necessary. It should be a promotion from a video game you care about. Fortnite might have the biggest promotion of the year today. And it could be affordable. But if you don’t play the game, then it wouldn’t be worth your attention.

5—Were you Planning to Spend the Money Anyway?

You’ve spotted a new Battle Royale game. All previews show it could be a great game. Your favorite Twitch streamers have even sampled and approved it. As such, you’re very much willing to spend money to acquire the game.

In light of that information, any discount about the game is just a bonus. You plant to buy the game anyway. If you find a discount, well and good. If you don’t find one, you’ll still spend money anyway.

When you’re dealing with such games, the best way to increase your savings is by comparing offers. Look around for great deals at one of these sites:

  • Slick Deals
  • Daily Gamer deals
  • Reddit r/game deals
  • Humble bundle

To be clear, the sites mentioned above provide discounts for video games. If you’re interested in casino games, you need to find a casino bonus comparison website. Ensure it compares bonuses from casinos that accept players in your country.

6—The Fine Print

Nowadays, many promotions have terms you have to follow. Sometimes you need to log into a mobile game to earn a few coins. Perhaps you have to complete a mission to unlock a new weapon or car.

Casinos tend to have the most conditions for their bonuses. Take a look at any first deposit bonus. First, you have to deposit a certain amount of money. They could even say you have to spend your deposit before you earn their bonus.

That’s alright. The most important terms are those related to withdrawing your bonus winnings. If you grab $50 to play poker and win $1000, what must you do to cashout your profits?

Usually, there are wager requirements. You have to play through your bonus amount 0-40x times. Choose a bonus with lenient play through terms. Next, look at the maximum amount of money you can withdraw. 


Nothing beats a good video game discount. It gives you the chance to have fun gaming without having to spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, rarely do you find good gaming discounts.

If you have to spend time on research before you can find a decent promotion. This isn’t a deal breaker, though. Good discounts are hard to find. But you can make your work easier by following the tips mentioned above.