Why Play Block Puzzle And Tips To Master The Game

Why Play Block Puzzle And Tips To Master The Game

Why play block puzzle

Block Puzzle is one of the oldest games to exist as a part of vintage video games. Over time the game has become easily available on mobile phones and other digital devices.

The game has various interpretations online, but the classic version never disappoints. The player has to arrange tiles in order and get them lined up to get combinations and clear the game board. This simple factor of the game makes it a really interesting format in online gaming. To download block puzzle game for your device, you can head over to any website and get the app perfectly suited for your smartphone. Block puzzles are the best thing to be experienced on the go and stand apart from other games. So why are they so popular?

Let’s look at a few proper effects block puzzles have when you play them regularly.

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Improves Memory

Block puzzles help improve memory and grant you various ways to keep your brain healthy. A healthy brain lets you perform more efficiently in everyday life. This everyday exercise has been efficient in avoiding many age-related diseases. While playing block puzzles, you have to keep yourself engrossed and efficiently thinking about the next piece for sequencing your rows and columns. This forward-thinking helps build your foresight and improves your organisation abilities in real-life, letting you keep track of everyday things.

Stress Buster

Block puzzles like mind games work your brain even harder than usual and are a perfect way to release your stress from work. After a long day at the office doing strenuous stuff, it is hard for anyone to focus on their daily life without having a me-time. Block puzzles perfectly provide this deserved escape. They have the perfect concoction of difficult gameplay with good animation to keep your mind occupied. It acts as a refresher that quickly gets you on your feet when you have had a really difficult day.

Helps you to Focus

Since Block Puzzle games involve a lot of quick pattern building within a fixed time gap, you rarely have time to look away from your phone. This is a really good exercise in practising concentration and helps middle-aged and young people to focus. The game’s intensity pulls you into its realm and takes you on a different journey that gets you calmer and more immersed in your work. You can shift your focused self into another work with a completely reconditioned state of mind that best suits the situation by playing for long hours. Playing block puzzles is a great way to avoid scrolling mindlessly through social media, which keeps you distracted throughout the entire day.

These facts are more than enough reasons to play block puzzles. 

Tips to Master Block Puzzle Game

Now let us look at some of the best tips you can master that will make you a professional player.

Fill up the Corners

The gaming board is a 9×9 grid, and all blocks you can play with are provided in a separate bottom space. To get a good start and maintain it, players should start arranging the blocks at the corners of the board. The blocks to be placed in the corners of the board have to be straight so that the blocks in the middle can be different structures in shape. It would be best if you kept in mind that the game’s objective is to build matching blocks so that the game board can be cleared the fastest. To get more vertical and horizontal options, you must stick to this strategy later in the game; this is what emerges as the most difficult place to fill in by the player. This strategy is best implemented early on as it is quite difficult for the gamer to get his head around the fact in a later stage of the game.

Plan Moves Ahead

It is important to plan your moves ahead and not randomly set up the pieces. Most players make a mistake because they set up the pieces in random order and then begin to fix them later in the game. This is a poorly thought-out strategy and never seems to work best for the players. Players need to be quick on their feet and plan their every move so that their game does not end before the stipulated time. The strategy is not as difficult as it may sound, as you already get an idea of the blocks that are supposed to be played in the game. You have to keep a mental record of it while playing and keep yourself in the flow.

Get Bigger Combos

At first, it may seem tempting to get short combos and quickly clear the game. It works out well for beginners, but if you are trying to get a high score, you should most definitely be on the lookout for more combinations. The more practice games you play, the more your cognitive skills improve, and you can develop an idea of big combos which you will be able to set up within the live rounds. The bigger combos award a larger reward and also clear a major part of the board at once so you can place the fresh blocks straight away. This is the best way to master the timed session of block puzzles and get a bigger highscore.

Final Thoughts

Block puzzles are an interesting way of spending time, and you can get quite addicted to them in a few hours of gameplay. The points discussed are valid reasons to indulge in this game safely with your friends and family daily. The tips will come in handy for complete beginners and make them score higher points in the game than before.