10 Best Story Games For Android [2023 List]

10 Best Story Games For Android [2023 List]

top story android games

With the growing number of COVID-19 cases every day, and changes in the government policies every now and then it is safe to say that the average “on screen time” for every individual has risen significantly. This specific time frame has seen a major spike in the field of e-sports followed by entertainment industry.

E-sports or Electronic Sports, is a term that is used to describe any video game that has a professional competitive scene. E-sports usually meant competitive gaming on PC’s but with the development of technology, the same has been brought down to our cell-phones too.

I am sure you’ve heard of PUBG and COD-M for starters, but we are here to focus on the leisure side of the gaming community. As the entire gaming community is very vast, and has a lot of different genres to choose from, we will be focusing on the 10-best story games for Android users.

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lone wolf sniper game
Lone Wolf

This is a captivating and immersive Sniper Assassin game, which revolves around a Mysterious Assassin and how he goes around shooting people in the head. The game is played out in noir style static images and a well written dialogue. The game is for mature players only as it involves a lot of graphic content. The developers have also taken into account game physics and thus it makes the entire gameplay more realistic and fun to play. The game is free to download and has additional in-app purchases amounting to Rupees 120.

2. The Walking Dead: Season One

the walking_dead game

The game is based on the very famous Comic Book, Game (PC and Console) and TV Series which revolve around the zombie apocalypse, and most importantly the consequences which are to be borne by the humanity. All in all, the game has a very driven story line and not a lot of resemblance from the TV show, but it does make its own mark.

The graphics are wonderful and well designed, but the main thing to focus on is, how it performs to its counterpart on the PC and Consoles. For the most part of it the game, you wouldn’t notice much of a difference, but certain choices which were available in the PC were made automated in the Android version. Overall, the game is highly recommended and it is free to download.
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3. Superbrothers Sword And Sworcery

superbrothers sword

The game was initially rolled out on IOS devices and once it got all the hype built up, it was released for the Android devices too. The game focuses a lot on pixel works and the game mechanics tend to enhance all the pixel workings, but also provide a beautiful story line to it too. It will take some time for the game to fully reveal its true self but the graphic adventure will keep the users excited till the very end.  The game has great visuals and background music tracks too. It can be downloaded from Google Play at a nominal one-time purchase of Rupees 200.

4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

gta san Andrea's android

One of the best games that was ever rolled out for the gaming community and which is still regarded as the go to game by many gamers the one and only GTA San Andreas, was finally rolled out for Android devices and it has been on the boom ever since. The game focuses on the life of CJ who returns to San Andreas and how his life is going to go for a spin is determined form that point. If you like you can also check gta 5 ios download.

The game has impressive graphics and story line, and everything about the game is perfect in every sense. The game is available on Google Play for a one-time purchase of Rupees 500.

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5. The Wolf Among Us

the wolf among us

The game revolves around a murder mystery and has a good amount of action packed into it as well, it is safe to say that the game has a very good story line to keep the users engrossed for a long time. The game is based on finding clues and making choices, and thus allows the users to build the game on their own and unveil its ending in their own way. The game has a good amount of action as well, as the town folks do not trust the main character of the game which leads to a lot of action here and there. The game is available for free on Google Play.

6. Gabriel Knight: The Sins of the Fathers

gabriel knight android game

The game is set in New Orleans in 1993, and is based of a murder mystery. The game was originally launched in 1993 on PC, but after nearly 20 Years it was made available to the portable devices like IOS and Android as well.

Basic genre of the game as described above is of murder mystery and Gabriel Knight (the main character), has been portrayed to be a bookstore owner, struggling writer and a womanizer; needless to say, the entire town looks down upon him and with the Voodoo Murder on the rise Knight is given the ‘looks’ from everyone in town.

The storyline is engaging and the graphics are also pretty decent. The game is available for free on Google Play.

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7. Forgotton Anne

forgotton anne

The gameplay and storyline can be described in just one word, and it is absolutely beautiful. The storyline moves froward as the users continue to solve the puzzles and the graphics of the game give a comic-like feel as the characters look hand-drawn. The game revolves around the fictional story line where all non-living things come to life and want to return to their owners from the fictional realm of non-living things, but Anne is the guardian of the realm and has to stop it. The game is available for free on Google Play.

8. Life is Strange


The gameplay is an episodic narrative and story based adventure game which was released to PC and Console in 2015, and now is available for Android devices as well. It is one of the best story games for android right now. The game revolves around Max, a teenage girl who discovers she has the ability to reverse time and replay some of her life events again, the game also allows the users to interact with in game characters and have a different ending to the story as well, which makes the gameplay far more fun and interesting. All in all, the game has an amazing storyline and the graphics have been kept at par with its PC and Console counterparts. The game is available for free on Google Play, with some in-app purchases.

9. Genshin Impact


This game has a very interactive and interesting storyline, it is an open world and action fantasy RPG game thus allowing the players to take advantage of nearly everything there is in the game. The game starts of with a fight with an unknown god and you have to choose between Aether (male) or Lumine (female) as your traveler. The game also allows the users to unlock more characters as they progress further more in the game. The game is available for free on Google Play.

10. Opus: The day we found Earth


The game revolves around a robot who is trained to find earth, the entire gameplay revolves around the robot exploring numerous galaxies until he finally reaches the correct galaxy which has Earth or a similar planet. Once you find Earth, there are more clues that have to be unlocked whilst playing the game, thus making the game more attractive and engaging. The game also has a soothing soundtrack which runs in the background and gives it a more lifelike experience. Overall, the game has a good storyline and the graphics are decent enough. The game is available for free on Google Play, with in-app Purchases. If you are into robots you might also want to check – Best Robots Games For PC.