Summertime Saga APK Download For Android v0.20.9 [Latest Update]

summertime saga apk download

Simulation games have been long available for PC users; and watching streams of how PC gamers take the full advantage of these simulation games is very disheartening to watch. But the time for regret is long gone, now we have developers producing the same genre of games for Android devices as well; and in some cases for Android devices before their PC counterpart.


One such game which has been the talk of the town is Summertime Saga; it is a high quality dating simulator/ novel game. Summertime Saga is a full-fledged dating simulator and a digital novella created by an independent development firm for an adult audience. There is a certain level of mystery surrounding his death; which stars a young protagonist who is faced with the painful truth of his father’s unexpected death from a work accident. You relive the digital life of a young teenager who is trying to earn money to pay off his father’s debt; unearth the questions surrounding his father’s death; all while trying to find a date to the prom; after being taken in by his father’s friend and living with her as he begins his first year of college.

summertime saga apk for android

Summertime Saga Android game is built from the ground up with high-quality and detailed graphics; an engaging and dynamic storyline, and a plethora of well-groomed characters to interact with. Apart from the protagonist’s main plotline; which takes you down a path of typical teenage turmoil with a few steamy sequences thrown in for good measure; there are three storyline missions to fulfil. But wait, there’s more: you’ll visit over 50 distinct locations on the globe; interact with dozens of individuals throughout the plot; and even play a variety of mini-games with them to earn specialty items and more.

Summertime Saga Android game offers a whole universe of possibilities in the form of a dating simulator; and who knows, you might just get lucky while playing. The open-world area, as well as a method to explore it and fill your inventory with all kinds of things; from swimsuits to hit the pool to the rare game cards available at the shop, give this game a truly role-playing sense. Summertime Saga might be your escape to another world of real-life fantasy; powered by the Renpy Engine for an immersive experience with animated effects and cut sequences.

Why Summertime Saga Is Not Available On Playstore?

The game provides with an amazing storyline and graphical experience and the only question which one can ask is, why is a game like this not available on Play store. The simple reason is- the game is intended for adults, featuring a plot and graphical elements that are inappropriate for children under the age of 18. Summertime Saga Android game is only available via direct download due to the nature of the software and the possibility that the Google Play Store may mistakenly land it in the hands of younger consumers.

The game being in beta development at the moment is also one of the factors as to why the game is not available on play store. But, many gamers have not reported any bugs during their gameplays; except for the fact that the game took a little too long to load. All said and done, the game has been made available on the official webpage of the developers; it is free to download and available for IOS and PC users too. It should be kept in mind that the game is in development; and the user must proceed at their own will.

WHERE TO DOWNLOAD Summertime Saga From?

To download the game on your Android device; the users have to head to the official link of Summertime Saga Game. As the game is in development, the user can download the game as a normal user or as a developer user; the perk of developer user is that the user can report bugs which he encounters in the game. Moving along, the game is ready to download in APK format for android devices. The link for downloading the game is provided below-


HOW TO INSTALL Summertime Saga Game?

To install the game on your android device you’ll have to follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Download the APK file from the link mentioned above.
  • It’ll prompt you to allow installation from unknown sources, tick that and go forward with the installation process.
  • Install the APK file and let the installation process run.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the game from app drawer and run the game on your android device.


Choose any gaming genre and you’ll discover a powerful name to support mobile gamers on the Android platform. Despite adult RPG series’ widespread appeal on mainstream gaming platforms, there hasn’t been a good one on mobile devices until now. Summertime Saga is still a work in progress, and it may never make it to the Google Play Store, but thanks to a large fan base and community support, you will be able to play the adult novella mobile game for free in the near future.