7 Best Robot Games For PC [2023 List]

7 Best Robot Games For PC [2023 List]

best robot games for pc

Robots are a familiar partner of our childhood, and ever you want to become a robot and protect your galaxy? Don’t worry technology takes care of everything that we want. Robot games which you can play on your computers, tablet, as well as android phones too.

Players basically attracted to the graphics and the high-quality techniques. Also, the plot of the game.

Top Robot Games For PC

Here are the most fantastic Robot games-

1. The Uncertain: Light At The End

the uncertain life at the end
The Uncertain

Uncertain: Light at the End is a reliable, small-scale science fiction story. This game originally released in October 2020, published by META Publishing, and the developers are ComonGames LLC and Vertex Studio. As well as you can easily install and play on your PC.

It is more an adventure than an action game. The little action is completely commanded through quick-time events. The user interface for the controls is neat. You jog Emily around with direct controls and when interacting with objects, a color-coded ring that is mapped according to the face buttons shows possible actions to do. 

The Uncertain is new in the market in which varieties of different perspectives are applied, both real and fictional: world wars, meteorite consequences, zombie apocalypse, a deadly virus, and so on. In situations like these, there is often a complex moralistic choice to be created, where humanity’s essence is exposed.


front mission evolved

Released in 2010, Front Mission Evolved exerted the tactical turn-based formula of previous games in the series and turned it into an action-heavy and third-person shooter. Aside from a port of the 2005 PlayStation 2 game Front Mission Online, it’s also the only entry in the series to appear on PC, so that’s gotta be worth something.

At first glance, comparisons to MechWarrior might seem appropriate, but Front Mission Evolved is a much wilder experience. Leading a Wanzer, you dash, hover, and gun your way to victory in a series of missions, each filled with shooting arcades populated by rival mechs. This game can be play in both modes Single player as well as multi-player. So, it is really fun to play with your mates and family and had a great time with them. 

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3. Mayan Death Robots

Mayan-Death-Robots 60fpsin

The game is set in a 2D world very much in the style of that found in the Worms’ series. You have a 1 vs 1 game across a series of maps that you can select or randomize. From there you choose a robot from a selection of six to start with, whilst more will unlock as you progress. You also have your robot core, which is represented by a small box that is behind you, buried in the landscape. The objective is to try and destroy your opponent’s core before they destroy yours. It is one of the best robot game for pc out there.

On the visual front, it’s all pretty basic on the surface, with its 2D world and Worm-like destructible environments. But it has some nice neat tricks with the Mayan inhabitants and arcade-style explosive fun that it brings. Everything is well drawn and gracefully designed for the type of game that it is. In the sound department and everything is very tongue in cheek, fun, and over the top. It has a great signature tune and some nice fun effects.


mechawarriors 5

The latest installment in the robot game series, Mechwarrior, means strapping back into the mech suit for another round of smashing things up. MechWarrior 5 features plenty of the same chunky combat, letting you level entire cities with your mercenary mech army. This latest robot game weaves in a little more tactical gameplay for a slower pace, and a focus on building your forces strategically throughout the course of the main campaign. 

There you go, the best robot games with which to cause the maximum destruction. However, if you need some relief from all that action and fancy a quieter approach, the best stealth games on PC will calm the insidious tinnitus. And, of course, you can never go wrong with the best PC games available right now. But, if you’ll excuse us, we have some battle suits to polish.

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5. BattleTech


Do you love more graphical games then, BattleTech is one of the best games you choose to play on your computer. Having something raw and this much action is worthy to play. This is a Mecha turn-based video game released in 2018. Developed by Harebrained Schemes, perfectly designed by Jordan Weisman, and published by Paradox Interactive. 

The basics of this game are

  1. Command a squad of Mechs in turn-based combat
  2. Manage your mercenary company
  3. Take part in a desperate civil war
  4. Customize your Mechs
  5. Play multiplayer and skirmish mode

What thrills about this awesome game is the story. The year is 3025 and the universe is trapped in a cycle of endless war, attacked by noble houses with huge, mechanized battle vehicles called BattleMechs. Enhance your starfaring base of operations, moderate mercenary contracts with feudal lords, repairing and maintain your stable of developing BattleMechs, and execute destructive conflict tactics to beat your enemies on the battlefield.

6. War Robots

war robots

One of the online third-person PvP shooting game War Robots. This game gives you 100% thrill, dozens of combat robots, hundreds of weapons, and warming clan battle. Crush your opponents or capture and hold beacons scattered across the map. Qualify, fight your way to glory and lead your clan to victory. 

The special feature of this game:

  1. More than 20 robots and weapons available 
  2. Players can create their machine
  3. Real-time 6 vs 6 battles 
  4. Clan and league wars
  5. 12 maps to battle

The battle is raging! Are you ready for surprise attacks, elaborate tactical tricks, and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you? Defeat enemy robots, capture all the beacons, and enhance your weapons to boost your battle robot’s combat power, speed, and strength. Prove yourself in each map and use strategies and tactics to emerge victorious in battle.

Laggy or choppy gameplay can be extremely detrimental to your overall gameplay experience. You’ll find that to be a common occurrence unless you don’t invest in a high-end rig that meets your favorite game’s requirements. In order to achieve that, the MVP allows you to build your own gaming PC allowing you to experience buttery smooth 100+ FPS gameplay.

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7. WWR: Warfare Robot Games


Choose your own ROBOT! Join epic game shooting multiplayer against rivals from all over the world and show them who’s the smartest, fastest, toughest mech around!

Become stronger — and prove yourself as the best free robot games commander in the WWR! Mankind has learned to create huge war robots called “Mechwarrior”. Immerse yourself in the world, and multiplayer shooting mech games and champion among rivals!

Some awesome features of WWR:

  • Dynamic online PVP and nonstop action that never lets you catch your breath
  • Modern 3D graphics!
  • Various upgrade modules for warbots!
  • Lots of camouflage and decal types
  • Intuitive controls that will be appreciated by novices and hardcore gamers alike
  • Chatting, allowing you to communicate with players from one country
  • The best mech bots game in the genre of shooters!

Battle Robots have combat shoot power. Use force to crush enemies and help friends in the war robots. Become the most powerful in free robot wars! Join awesome robot PVPpvp games online. Use force to crush enemies and help friends in the war robots. Become the most powerful in free robot wars! Join awesome robot PVP games online.