Best Games To Motivate Employees In 2023

Best Games To Motivate Employees In 2023

games for motivating employees

Working at a nine to five job can be tough to do especially when there is less motivation and more pressure to outstand your performance. Being confident at your workplace and bringing the best work to the table can be tiresome tasks to do, especially when you’re not motivated to the best of your capabilities. An unrefreshed working atmosphere can be bothersome, provided when there are multiple creative tasks that you need to take care of.  Meeting professional expectations is tough. What’s tougher than is not just to meet those expectations but also to surpass the benchmarks created by your managers. 

Employee motivation is the ‘Key’ to the success of any firm. If the people who are working and devoting their time to any organization are motivated and boosted enough to work to the best of their capabilities, then only can the organization flourish and give outstanding results. Without employee motivation, the company may experience reduced productivity, lower levels of output, and the company would fall short of reaching its goals. Lets quickly talk about best games for motivating employees.

An employee working with low motivation can be a big threat to the company’s assets. Such an employee would not only waste their utilities but will also defect the company’s overall performance, by not working efficiently and effectively. They would waste or spend most of their useful time on useless stuff, surfing on their phone and not being productive. There are many effective ways to motivate and engage your staff, from reward and recognition, and the provision of growth opportunities to fostering a sense of community through teamwork. 

Teamwork is as important as solo work in bringing the organization’s goals to come true. Ken Blanchard, a management expert and the author of the book, ‘The one Minute Manager’ came up with an outstanding quote that says, “None of us is as smart as all of us” simple words that have a lot of meaning to them. When a team works together, where no employee puts in fewer efforts, and everyone is driven to accomplish goals; that’s a team that can leave no residues of failures behind. 

1. Egg Drop

egg drop
Egg Drop Game

This game can be messy but is highly intensive of engagement, collaboration, and creative problem-solving. The basic idea of this game is to build an egg carrier that can prevent the uncooked egg from falling down from a certain height and cracking. The carrier could be made from any household material like straws, paper, spoons, etc. Increasing the height after every fall would make the game more competitive and engaging. The team that successfully surpasses all the eggs without falling or cracking them, becomes the winner. 

2. The circle thread

circle thread game
Circle Thread

A game that is very fun but equally challenging. It requires a lot of teamwork, good communication, and coordination. Each group is asked to stand in a circle, holding a thread that is tied from both the ends; forming a loop made from thread. Next, the team is asked to create multiple different shapes with the same given thread (like to form an 8, make a triangle, square, among many other shapes). To increase the level of difficulty, the team could be further asked to create the shapes with their eyes closed. The team with the most number of correct shapes will win. 

3. Blind Drawing

blind drawing
Blind Drawing

A team activity that generates and encourages communication- especially listening. This game just keeps getting more fun because it involves trust and can be deceivingly simple but also very effective. In this task, two team members are asked to sit back to back, one team member is given the shape that is to be drawn and they have to communicate that figure or shape to their other teammate, who is supposed to draw that portrait but with their eyes closed. Neither of the two members can actually see what they’re drawing so this game is purely and solely dependant on communication, listening, and creativity. The end result is always the most fun part to see and check if the team was able to accomplish the task or not. 

4. Three Truths And A Lie

speaking in ear

This game literally requires zero tools and can be played anytime, anywhere without much hassle. More than 3 people are required to play this game, sit in a circle, where each person has to take turns and speak four statements, out of which three would be true and one would a lie. Each member on the team would take turns to guess which statement is true and which is a lie. The twist is to speak the lie in such a way that it feels like its true, so that your opponents can never guess what is true. This game works best for team members from different parts geographically. It challenges pre convinced judgments and helps introverts to open up in the group.

There are many other fun activities that can assure more engagement between workers and thus, higher motivation to achieve work goals. These games, serve the most important mission for any firm- “Teamwork created Dreamwork.”


Having less motivation while working is normal. Not always can an employee outstand their performance. Everyone deserves a break or a factor that would help them work better in order to achieve it. Incentives and bonuses can be a few examples of the said factors. They help the employee to work harder as now they have something more than just work to be motivated for. But having said that, incentives and bonuses are all given on the basis of performance. That means the worker would now need to work an extra bit in order to achieve them. But what if, these factors were made a bit more fun? 

Adding the spark of fun and light to the workspace can help all the employees stay motivated and also have fun while they work. There are various and unique sets of activities that can be done to assure that the job atmosphere is more fun, light, and filled with positive energy.  Listed below are a few examples of and fun games that you can have at your workplace to increase teamwork efficiency and keep employee motivation in check.