7 Tips for Editing Your Gaming Videos like Pro

7 Tips for Editing Your Gaming Videos like Pro

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Gaming videos have become a popular avenue to showcase your creativity on the internet. If you are an amateur, you must be here because you want to show how well you play certain games. There is a real possibility for your videos to be viral on the internet. But the popularity of gaming generates a lot of content creators like you. There are millions of gaming videos uploaded that regularly vie for viewers’ attention.

But you can set yourself apart from others. Editing is something that a lot of content creators struggle with. It is the most difficult step in creating a video. It is time-consuming, and you think you need to know a pro to figure it out. But that is not true. Here are 7 tips you will need to get you editing like a pro.

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Planning is Vital 

Having a comprehensive plan helps in a successful editing process and can make things easier. Identifying the objective of your video is also essential for making it engaging and enjoyable.

Start with identifying the genre for your videos. The ‘walkthrough videos’ genre has a certain target audience, while ‘let’s play’ is for a different audience. Alternatively, short clips of gameplay on platforms like Instagram or TikTok have become increasingly popular so you might choose to target this area instead.

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Spend time researching what your target audience usually expects from your videos. There is the creative freedom to do what you want, but knowing what the audience needs can boost your popularity. 

Choose your Tool

While editing, you need to find tool that works well for you and can help you create the video you envision. There are numerous options you can select. You will find your ideal tool when you know what you need from it. You can take the help of a game video editor to polish the finer details of your video.

Price also plays a role in choosing tool. If you can do the same work with cheaper software, don’t hesitate to do it. A lot of content creators think expensive is better. That’s not the case at all. If you require basic software for your editing, an inexpensive one will be enough.

Have a Methodical Workflow

Work can be done faster if you are organized. Editing takes up time. There are usually a lot of tasks to be completed, and they need to be done in order. So an organized workflow is ideal for getting things done efficiently. 

Editing can be done in a streamlined process if you can locate the areas which can be problematic. An organized workflow can help identify if something takes more time than it should. Knowing the problem areas can help you eliminate them, which will save time in the future.

An organized workflow cannot be done right on the first try. Make sure you keep practicing as you edit more videos. Every video you edit will take less time and feel easier and easier as you practice.

Focus on Quality

A high-quality video appeals to everyone. Who does not like a well-made video? The action sequences you want to show your fans come to life with the higher video quality. And, with good quality audio, the viewing experience gets enhanced drastically.

As technology today is far more advanced than before and accessible, you don’t need much equipment for your videos. One thing to remember is not to make your video too professional. For example, a quality of 30 frames per second (FPS) is good and makes your videos look crisp. 24 FPS can drastically increase your videos’ quality, but it is unnecessary. Maintaining an amateur feel to your videos can get more views and save you some storage.

Choose a Good Video Editor

A video editor comes in handy when creating a professional, high-quality video. It gives you access to options like animated visuals and special effects that set you apart from other creators.

Technological advancements in the content-creating industry have given creators many video editing options to choose from. Choosing the right video editor will attract many people to your video.

Good Audio Effects are Key 

Your videos should have an immersive experience. Good mic quality can make your videos seem professional. Using relevant music can help in the overall aesthetic of your video.

The adding of background music also helps in attracting an audience. Background music can set the mood of a scene or a part of the video. The music controls what you want your viewer to feel in a particular scene. Make sure the music is quieter compared to your voiceover or sound effects in the game.

Color Adjustments Will Help

Color adjustments in your videos are one of those fine details that make your work look professional. This option is available in almost every video editor. You can change the contrast and saturation to give your video a cinematic feel. The change in color and contrast can also alter the video’s mood to your requirement.

Be careful not to overdo it. Gameplay videos get more views when they have an amateur feel. If the video feels like a movie, you’re overdoing it.


With all this information now at your disposal, the world is your oyster. Remember to make sure your videos reflect your personality. Your creativity is the essence of the video, not the game. Remember to keep the overall experience simple and relatable. Background effects should be subtle and not overpowering compared to the main audio and visual effects.

Create unique content to stand out from the sea of gaming videos already out there. Make a video that people would want to click on. Unique content will quickly build you a vast fan base that truly enjoys your content. We hope these tips help you improve your editing skills and make the job of content creation easier.