Best Places To Buy Ps5 Console In India [Online & Offline]

Best Places To Buy Ps5 Console In India [Online & Offline]

buy ps5 in india

PS5 seems to be very short on stock globally, not just in India.

Hardware like chips or semiconductors that are used within PS5, were not available in huge quantities, resulting in a global shortage of PS5. During COVID-19, the purchase of laptops and computers saw a surge never seen before. Companies were offering their employees laptops and other accessories to facilitate work from home.

OK, now that we know the clear reason for the shortage, let us talk about the best places to buy PS5 consoles. What are the best online and offline methods that we could find for you?

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Advice Before Buying PS5 from Offline & Online store.

There are problems with scaling (increasing price from the MRP) going on. Numerous complaints have mentioned that the PS5 gaming consoles, which cost nearly 49k to 50k, are being sold for 60-70k. A few offline Sony centers are also involved in this.

if you are trying to buy from the Facebook marketplace then please hold your horses.

You will get deals when the stocks are sold out or when congestion hits the network of those below-mentioned online stores, but if these offers seem too good to be true, then they are 100% scams trying to grab your money.

Buy PS5 Online From Here –

Amazon India and Flipkart are the most trusted but high-traffic online stores where you can buy a PS5 from. Other examples like Reliance Store, Croma, and Vijay Store are also there, but we will talk about buying the PS5 from Amazon and Flipkart. If you can, you should visit your local Sony store and talk to them. Human-to-human interaction can play amazingly in your hands.

Previously, on March 24, there were PS5 pre-orders available through these stores;

The digital edition of the PS5 will cost Rs 39,990, while the Blu-ray version will cost Rs 49,990.

According to bots that trace stock of PS5. Saw PS5 in stock on Flipkart at 10:13 pm 29th of march.

Top gaming websites like IGN India suggested their readers’ complaints about online stores like Flipkart, Croma, and Reliance Digital.

Things to keep in mind

Deliveries will begin after April 8, 2022. If you have already pre-ordered before the 8th of April, then this is the date you should mark on the calendar. It seems the digital edition was not available for pre-order for this sale.

Offline stores For Buying PS5

We found two YouTube channels, from which both of them will deliver the PS5 to you, even though one of them is a semi-offline store in our opinion. Moreover, they offered the product at the original price.

1. TheGameShop

gameshop ps5 availability

There is this YouTube channel named “The Game Shop.” The name is similar to “Games The Shop.” This is their contact and address. Contact No. : 9415306666 Address: Shop No. 9b, Laxmi Bazar Market, Naka Hindola, Lucknow.

Google maps: –

ps5 offline store
The game shop map

He is Ankur Gulati, the owner, and creator of TheGameShop, a firm that has been in the video game business for over two decades, reaching consumers all throughout India.

The main goal of their channel is to provide discounts, tips, reviews, unboxing of games, and deliver awareness about games to end-users. This channel may be useful for anybody who plans to or already owns a video game.

buy ps5 offline in india
PS5 Offline Store

2. Samurai Corner

The second local shop is in Delhi, where you can get gaming consoles starting at 500/-only. Address: Samurai Corner, Shop Number 146, Basement Shop, Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh, Phone No. : 8860169002. (Google map link)

samurai corner
samurai corner

You can WhatsApp them. They can also courier the products and second-hand items. They will video call you for the products they claim to have at reasonable prices. For new products, couriers are available all over India.

They have also got a trophy for the heavyweight retailer from PlayStation, and have been in this line of business for more than 30 years.

Tricks to order PS5 from Amazon and Flipkart

There are a lot of good auto-buy or add-in cart apps also available as Chrome extensions. You can add them and customize them they will add the product which goes out of stock in an instant, you have to use a mobile phone too while you have the tab opened on PC. just checkout with the quantity you want. It is supposed to work 90% of the time.

If you are finding it hard to understand then we suggest you go on this youtube channel however use a better extension than the one mentioned.


We suggest you do a Google search for “sony center near me” or something related to the PlayStation. If Google will show you centers in your area, call them, and ask about the price. If they are scaling, then please don’t buy it. The original price of these gadgets was nearly 35K before custom duty. Due to these taxes, they come at a price of nearly 50K, and on top of that, you are asked to pay 60–70K for that product.