Top Websites For Used Playstation & Xbox Games In India

Top Websites For Used Playstation & Xbox Games In India

used ps4 games
used ps4 games

We all love gaming consoles and every kid, Teen heck even adults wants to own one, but owning a console is one thing and paying for every other AAA title is different. With some of the new games reaching upto 5000₹. Paying that much amount for just one single game is mind boggling for some, according to me and honestly that’s the main reason why so many of us who can afford buying a GAMING CONSOLE but still wont buy it due to its paid games cost.

But wait if you are new to this all PS4 & XBOX device consoles there are some ways in which you can reduce you game cost upto 40 to 60% but the question arise where to get cheap ps4 games from well keep reading i have an amazing post for you and in this post i will exactly tell to site through which you can buy used PS4 games and also sell PS4 games for good price.

Even Sell Your PS4, PS5 & XBOX Games.

I would also like to mention that you can even sell you games on few of these websites so do consider selling your games if you have completed them.

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Best Used Game Sites

Below you will find a list of best Second Hand Game Websites In India.

1. GameLoot


This is one of the most popular and trusted website when it comes to buying and selling games.The catalog ranges from PS4 to XBox and even PC game CD’s apart from games they also sell wide variety of gaming accessories and other equipment. What we at 60fps really like about gameloot is their customer service they will try their best to provide best customer satisfaction.

Pros Of This Website:-

  1. Free Shipping And Easy Returns.
  2. Genuine Products.

2. OLX

I bet everyone has heard of this name countless time on TV adverts “BECH DE” it is one of the well known classified site in India and across the world. And if you think you have good bargain skills then i recommend definitely going for OLX. Because you can get really good deal depending upon the seller and also its a good place to sell you PS4 games.

Some Pros Of Using This Website –

  1. Can Get Cheaper Price On Games.
  2. Buy At Your Own Convenience.

3. GamersAdda

This is the third website in our list now the main feature of this website is that users themselves are selling games on this website. So you can simple create a account on GamersAdda and start buying or selling or exchanging the games. Apart form that the users address are also available and you can directly chat with other users there’s a feature where you can even exchange games from other users this is one of my favorite feature of this website.

Some Pros Of This Website :-

  1. You Can Exchange Games.

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4. gamezstore

GamezStore is one of the websites where you can buy new and also PreOwned Games as an alternative you can also try to use this website you can find some good deals on Gamez. Also do compare the prize with other site it my smart advice to you.

Also look for other smart options

Above mentioned sites are best when it comes to finding Used PS4 Games but as a smart buyer i recommend you also try few other different options like :-

  1. Do a google search for “Used PS4 Games Near Me” you can also try adding Shop in between.
  2. Ask from your friends who have same console and try to exchange games from them.
  3. Join Facebook Groups – People have created groups where you can easily exchange and buy games in your area.

Also Here are some question that few of you might be wondering.

  1. Can you play pre owned ps4 games online?

    Absolutely yes there is no issue whatsoever with playing pre-owned games on ps4.

  2. Is is legal to play used ps4 game?

    Well legal yes but ethical i don’t think so because for years developers pour their heart and soul into these games and what comes out is the result of their hard work so i suggest if you have enough bucks to buy a new game then don’t go for new games.

  3. Is Importing PS4 Games Cheap?

    Nah i don’t think so because if you import the games you have to pay CUSTOMS and after paying that game same will cost you somewhat same price that it will cost you here. Plus there weeks of delivery