Hot To Get Free Pubg UC & Skins - Tricks & Tips [ 2022 ]

Hot To Get Free Pubg UC & Skins – Tricks & Tips [ 2022 ]

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If you have played Pubg for some time now that you already know that its an addictive game and fun to play and it gets more enjoyable once you unlock Legendary Crates or gets amazing guns and vehicles skins. So in this post i am going to tell you about few tricks and tips and using these tricks you can easily get free pubg UC and buy Free Royal Pass.

Whats In This Post?

  • What Is UC Cash?
  • Get Free UC In Pubg.
  • How To Get Free Skins In Pubg,
  • PUBG Free Skin Redeem Codes.

What is UC Cash In Pubg?

There are two currency in PUBG – UC Cash and BP. While you simply earn BP cash by playing the game but UC cash or “Unknown Cash” can only be purchase by buying it from real money and you can use it for inapp purchases for buying things like Skins, Pubg Outfits, Royal Pass Ranks, etc.

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How To Get Free UC In Pubg?

There are a lot of tricks on the internet but i recommend you don’t fall for any tricks that directly ask for your money because a lot of them are scams and if you’ll fall for them you will just end up loosing money. So its is my strict request that don’t buy UC from any Facebook Group Or Telegram Channel because it can even get you account banned. I know its tempting because you can get amazing skins and outfits but don’t fall for such cheap tricks.

Trick 1 – Get Free UC From Playstore.

This trick will only work for android devices and you can you will need an gmail account that is at-least 6 months old.

Follow these steps to –

  1. Go to play store and check notification.
  2. If you have not purchased anything from play store you will see a 200Rs discount code. { Might Not Work For All Users }
    1. Note – If You Don’t see a discount code Clear your device cache.
    2. Login into a new gmail account for google plays store.
    3. Regularly visit notification center for few days and you might see some code there a few days later.
  3. Once you see the code go to PUBG Mobile and click on purchase UC then simply apply the code.
  4. You’ll get a 200rs discount.

Trick 2 – Get Free UC From Flipkart

Guys if you are a frequent online shopper on flipkart then i have an amazing trick for you through which you can get free royal pass from flipkart.

When you make a purchase a product from Flipkart it give you Super Coins that you can use to redeem various premium services like online subscription of various paid services including PUBG UC that you can use to get royal pass.

If you have enough points in in flipkart account then you can redeem you points and exchange them for UC in Pubg Mobile.

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Trick 3 – Win UC from India Bonus Challenge

1. First, Open The Pubg Mobile.

2. Click On Trophy Icon At The Top Of The Screen.

3. After, You Will See The India Bonus Challenge Screen..

4. Click On India Bonus Challenge

5. You will be given 100 Battle Coins as well as a Battle Pass for first time.

6.Click On Registration Of India Bonus Challenge and join challenge through Battle Pass.

7. Soon after that Tournament Will Start, complete this tournament and win it.

8. You will win battle coins for every match you play depending upon your rank.

9. You Get 1 Point = 1 Battle Coins

11. You Can Get UC For Free By Redeeming Battle Coins

How To Convert Battle Coin Into UC

Open India Bonus Challenge >>Redeem Reward Option>>Click On It>>Select What You Want To Redeem>>Click Redeem>>Done.