9 Fastest WordPress Hosting In India 2023 [Reliable & Affordable]

9 Fastest WordPress Hosting In India 2023 [Reliable & Affordable]

fastest web hosting in india

WordPress is by far one of the best blog posting portals in the world at this very moment; I might not be taking it a little to far by saying that it is even the best one to exist till this day. But, we do often experience a little lag or some uncalled interference with such webpages. This makes the visitors visiting your page experience experience delay; and often lead them to altogether divert their attention from the main goal, which is the content on the website.

Lucky for you, we did come up with another blog which will help you tackle this solution. This only goes to show that we care about each and every user and it’ll be of great help if you could share our content and leave comments below. So, today’s blog is focused on the topic of TOP FASTEST WEB HOSTING SERVICES IN INDIA 2021. If that sounds like something you’d like to know more about continue reading.

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Different Types of WordPress Hosting

The sort of hosting you choose will be determined by your particular requirements for how much work you wish to perform with your server and site in the future.

If you’re just getting started with WordPress and want to see how it works for you, try free hosts or shared hosting packages (where you share the hosting space with other customers; firms like InMotion or Bluehost offer this).

Managed hosting and VPS will be the answer for professionals and sites with a larger audience (with WP Engine, Pagely, or Flywheel for example). They are more expensive, but they offer a lot of features and advantages. One of the most important benefits is that you won’t have to worry about the technical aspects.

Fastest Hosting For WordPress In India

There are numerous hosting firms to select from, each with its own set of services and capabilities. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most intriguing, with the primary goal of locating the quickest WordPress hosting in mind.

The businesses here are among the most efficient in the industry, and they range in price from pricey to inexpensive, depending on your budget. They provide dependable client service and help, as well as adequate security and backups.

The following be the list of hosting firms which will help you choose the best wordpress hosting company.

Recommended Sites For WordPress Hosting

#1 AccuWeb WordPress Hosting Editor Choice


We probably know WordPress as a CMS or content management system. But do we know the best WordPress Hosting provider? There are several key players in the field of WordPress hosting. However, when it comes to picking the best: it is, unarguably, AccuWeb. 

AccuWeb Hosting is a remarkable WordPress hosting provider. It established its firm roots in 2003 in New Jersey (USA). AccuWeb provides a varied range of hosting services: Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated hosting, to name a few others. For our Minecraft fans you can check which is best minecraft server hosting.

Let’s take a glance at its pricing and featured plans. 

AccuWeb’s WordPress Hosting plan starts at $9.99/Mo. 

AccuWeb’s fully managed and high-powered WordPress hosting comes with three plans which are – 

  1. WordPress Starter ++
  2. WordPress Pro ++
  3. WordPress Business ++

Resources are provided under the following three plans. 

WordPress Hosting plans 
Plan nameStarter ++Pro ++Business ++
Pricing $9.99/Mo$19.99/Mo$29.99/Mo
RAM 1.5 GB 2.5 GB 4 GB
Storage 30 GB 50 GB 75 GB 
Bandwidth 1 TB2 TB3 TB 

Other exclusive features are included in all the WordPress Hosting Plans. 

  1. Host unlimited WordPress websites – an exclusive feature of AccuWeb WordPress Hosting Plan. 
  1. You can run your sites hassle-free with the pre-installation of WordPress. 
  1. AccuWeb WordPress plans have many themes to make your site look more professional. 
  1. Free SSL certification in all plans but Free Domain registration isn’t available in the Starter ++ plan. 
  1. The server location in over 15 countries gives you quite a few options to choose a server that is closer to your website visitors. 
  1. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, your WordPress sites will run efficiently without interruptions. 
  1. 24×7 technical support is available through chat, phone, and priority helpdesk support. 
  1. cPanel is included in all three plans. 
  1. Plans are divided based on monthly visitors. For instance, 
  • A Starter ++ plan is great for monthly visitors upto 100,000.
  • The pro++ plan is great for monthly visitors upto 250,000.
  • Business++ plan is great for monthly visitors upto 500,000.
  1. LiteSpeed web server is provided with ultra-fast CloudLinux OS. 

#2 DomainRacer Recommended

Get every single thing under one roof needed for the fastest WordPress hosting at DomainRacer. Playing a prominent role in designing and providing well configured cheap WordPress hosting plans globally. They are crazy about adapting the newest versions of technologies. And open up a wide range of paths for their customer’s business bright growth and future.

If you are willing to build high traffic blog/website/business, then DomainRacer is an ideal choice for ultra-reliable WordPress hosting provided in India. Offering 21x hyper-fast LiteSpeed cache technology for lightning speedy website performance. With the assurance of flawless 99.99% server uptime. 

Why to Choose DomainRacer for Fastest WordPress Hosting?

  • 21x Flying Speed Performance
  • Prime LMS Hosting Solution
  • Cloud Linux Environment
  • Robotize CMS WordPress 
  • Multiple Language Support 
  • Compatible Website Builder
  • Customize FREE 1000+ Themes
  • Amiable SEO Friendly Nature
  • Highly Protective Security Tools
  • Plenty Amount of SSD Storage

DomainRacer allows you to spend more time revamping your business growth. By robotizing your backend infrastructure with a quick WordPress installation process, hassle-free migration, pure unlimited SSD storage and automatic update. It is a suitable source for lightweight and best ssd LiteSpeed web hosting service in the market

Handover your molded idea structure (blog or website) in safe pockets at DomainRacer. As they are providing the best fusion of advanced multispecialty security tools (Immunify360, AV+) and by default FREE SSL certificates for a lifetime.

Simplicity, affordability and tech-savvy nature make them stand different from others. They are the best Indian WordPress hosting platform for first-time website owners as well as experienced developers. Their SEO-friendly nature (free ranking SEODefault Tool) helps you to give global access to your website. With the promise of better UX and ranking in top-level search engines.

Get the answer to your questions instantly of WordPress based from DomainRacer’s knowledgeable dedicated support team. Always available via email, live chat, tickets and WhatsApp chat for solving your queries and suggesting useful advice for excellent performance and business growth.

Top WordPress Hosting companies

1. Hostinger

hostinger review

If you’re new to the online business world, you should pay attention since you’ll want to learn more about Hostinger.

Hostinger has progressively grown in popularity as a well-balanced hosting provider. To put it another way, very robust hosting features at a reasonable price.

We’ve set up multiple test locations in three of their data centres so you can examine how well they work on different continents. The following are the findings of our server speed test.

The American data centre is lightning quick, with a global average of 136 milliseconds. Requests from further out, such as Singapore, Sydney, and Bangalore, appear to be a little slower, but that’s why Hostinger built so many data centres across the world — to ensure that your site is speedy no matter where your clients are.

With a global average of 168.9 milliseconds, the Singaporean server performed quite well. Now, these men are lightning fast in Singapore, Sydney, Bangalore, and Japan, but due to the distance, they aren’t as speedy in the West.

Their European server performed admirably in Europe and America, but not so well in the rest of the world. They did, however, achieve a great global average of 141.3 milliseconds.

Apart from speed, Hostinger features a fantastic support team that speaks the native languages of over 42 countries! Hostinger certainly packs a punch with their plans, especially for those who are just getting started, with 1 free domain, 100GB SSD storage, unlimited emails, and bandwidth.

Thus Hostinger is one of the most accredited site in the entire world for WordPress Hosting.

2. SiteGround


When it comes to the fastest WordPress hosting, SiteGround is a superb option (and also one of the few platforms recommended by WordPress.org).

They have three major options that range in price from $4.99 to $14.99 each month, making it a very inexpensive option. You get 10GB of disc space, a free domain, 24/7 support, free daily backups, a free SSL certificate, and everything else you’d expect from a hosting business with the most basic plan.

Then there are some more features included with the other two plans (e.g. priority support, free PCI compliance, and more). A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included. Another factor that makes SiteGround a smart choice for WordPress hosting is their unique SG Optimizer plugin, which allows you to use SiteGround’s cache methods (the plugin comes included with your hosting plan).

3. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting
A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting takes speed very seriously, according to those in the know. They’ve put in a lot of effort to make their servers fast, and it shows in their response time.

If you’re unfamiliar with their Turbo Servers, they’re custom-tuned to provide us with enormous speed improvements. The servers, when used in conjunction with their Turbo Cache, may load websites up to 20 times faster than normal servers.

Their Optimized Applications (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Opencart, and others) have all been tweaked to perform faster, resulting in a faster loading time.

A2 Hosting has set up four data centres across the world to handle client demands – two in the United States, one in Amsterdam, and one in Singapore – so that we can choose the optimal server location for our purposes.

Take a look at the results of our server speed tests:

We used a test site hosted on A2’s Turbo Boost Plan with a data centre in the United States for the first test. The results were excellent, with a global average of 149.8 milliseconds, with Bangalore being the slowest at 433 milliseconds.

Then we tried the Drive plan with a Singapore-based server. The global average was somewhat slower at 173 milliseconds, but pings from Sao Paulo performed poorly, clocking in at almost 300 milliseconds.

So, if you want to host with A2, choose the Turbo Boost plan; it’s a little more expensive, but you’ll get what you paid for!

4. WP Engine

wp engine
WP engine

It’s pricier than some of the other managed WordPress hosting options, but it’s well worth it.

They offer excellent services, lightning-fast servers, and excellent technical and customer support. Their hosting infrastructure was built specifically to ensure that your WordPress site performs smoothly and quickly.

The monthly subscriptions start at $20 and come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You get unlimited data transfer and 10GB of local storage with this package.

This should be plenty for a new website, capable of serving up to 25,000 monthly visitors.

5. Green Geeks


They have everything that a premium web server should have.

That works because it has solid, dependable data centres, a competent support team, cutting-edge technology, Git compatibility, and CloudFlare integration.

But it’s not how they make things load quicker (that’s a given); it’s what they do with the company that sets them apart. GreenGeeks gives back to the environment by spending three times the amount of electricity they consume in renewable energy!

When you host your website with GreenGeeks, you are literally making the world a greener place!

They are ranked A+, with a global average of 118.6 milliseconds, faster than Google’s recommended response time and our top three hosts. However, because its data centres are exclusively located the United States, Canada, and Amsterdam, you may not be able to experience them at full speed if you’re targeting Asia.

GreenGeeks’ EcoSite Pro plan starts at just $7.95 a month, but keep in mind that you’re not the only one who benefits from their service – simply by hosting with GreenGeeks, you’re helping the environment!

6. Flywheel

flywheel hosting

This WordPress hosting is designed for designers and agencies, but it’s also user-friendly for those who aren’t as tech-savvy.

Flywheel offers a terrific price-to-performance ratio, starting at $13 per month. On that entry-level plan, you can serve up to 25,000 monthly visitors.

Flywheel offers exceptional speed, security, customer collaboration, and backup security.

7. Kinsta

kinsta hosting

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting is the next fastest web host on our list. Kinsta is built on Google’s own cloud platform and takes advantage of Google’s cutting-edge technology and 24 15 data centres!

They’ve spent a decade working with WordPress, and they’ve put that knowledge to good use by producing the best and quickest Managed WordPress Hosting solution you’ve ever seen.

Their speeds are quite astounding, with the fastest being 10 milliseconds in London and the slowest being 487 milliseconds in Bangalore.

They achieved a global average of 179.5 milliseconds, prompting us to conclude that Kinsta (with KeyCDN) is a truly fast web hosting service. The only reason we didn’t give them a higher rating is their exorbitant price tag, with entry-level programmes starting at $30 per month.

8. InMotion Hosting


InMotion is one of the most popular shared WordPress providers, with a good price-to-features ratio.

The first plan is one of the most affordable on the market, starting at only $2.49 per month. What are the benefits to you? Unlimited storage space, two websites on one account, free data backups, free no-downtime website transfers, free domain registration, and unlimited email addresses are just a few of the features available. Another great feature is that it comes pre-installed with WordPress, so you won’t have to install it individually.

9. ScalaHosting

scala hosting

ScalaHosting has been in business since 2007, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their web hosting service.

They must have put that time to good use, because they’ve managed to build features in-house, such as their unique SPanel CMS and SShield Security System, which help them keep their rates low.

Their offerings span from email hosting to managed cloud VPS, but for the purposes of this study, we’ll be comparing their entry-level Start web hosting plan.

ScalaHosting performed admirably in terms of speed, holding their own among the best web hosts on the list.

The test site we constructed for this comparison has a data centre in Europe, and it performs admirably, with speeds exceeding 200 milliseconds only in Japan, Sydney, and Sao Paulo.

If your target audience is based in the United States, you can choose one of their USA servers, which should work well with customers from that country.

Our main problem with ScalaHosting is that they don’t have any data centres closer to Asia, which means that if your visitors are largely from that region, you’ll have sloth-like website.

Aside from that, ScalaHosting offers a lot of bang for your buck, with near limitless features, free transfers, SSL and domains, and also an award-winning support staff that works all around clock to keep their customers satisfied for only $7.95 per month.


The quickest WordPress hosting will make it simple to organise and enhance your material. A slow host not only slows page load times for visitors, but it can also slow down the admin panel. This will make your job more difficult and time-consuming.

However, the most significant benefit of quick hosting is that it will make your visitors feel at ease when they try to access and engage with your site (like commenting or trying to click your social media buttons). They will abandon a website that takes too long to load.

When it comes to the fastest WordPress hosting, there’s one more concern that isn’t immediately apparent. Specifically, even if your present web server is fully capable of handling your typical traffic levels, what happens if you have a really busy day? It turns out that not all hosting plans are capable of doing so.

Visitors are… temperamental, to use a word. They simply will not spend their day waiting for a website that barely moves, and many of them will not return if you do not provide them with a basic, comfortable surfing experience.

I hope the blog was able to cater for all you needs, if you found it helpful let us know in the comment section and stay tuned for more.