How To Get Chegg Answers For Free & Unblure Chegg Answers

How To Get Chegg Answers For Free & Unblure Chegg Answers

chegg free answers

Hello and welcome guys, back when i was a student i was poor in solving math problems and wish that someone would solve my questions for me and also tell me how exactly it was done it was a bit hard back then, but now things have become easier with the introduction of sites like chegg now you can get your assignments answers solved by professionals very easily.

Chegg Answers Free :- In this post i will talk about how you can easily get all chegg questions solutions and unblur chegg answers for free.

chegg free answers

But First Lets Talk About Chegg

Chegg is a online tutoring platform where educators helps students in solving any assignments from college and schools. Chegg is a American company based out of California, Santa Clara. Apart from that it also offers other services like Renting and buying of old books for cheap price. It currently has millions of users subscribed and by far one of the best sites offering this kind of service.

Currently the site offers a Subscription based service ranging from 5$ to 50$ monthly i know that can be a lot for a student so let me tell you few trick that you can use to solve your assignments for free.

How to Get Chegg Answers for Free

Below i have written about few tricks through which you can easily get the answers for free or unblur those chegg answers for free and i hope that these tricks might help few of you.This post will include-

  • Use Chegg 1 Month Free Subscription
  • Best Chegg Alternatives

Use Chegg 1 Month Free Subscription

Chegg currently offers a 1 month free trial period for their website. So i recommend you that you use this trial period and take maximum advantage of this free service. During this trail period you can decide if this service is really worth spending your Bucks.

One more tip – The trial period asks you to attach your Credit Card for payments meaning you can use 1 card for 1 month free and if you have multiple cards like say 2-3 you can easily get chegg free for 3 months.But be careful to use different Email Address every time while signing up.

Best Chegg Free Alternatives

If you don’t want to opt-in for a paid subscription then you can also try to use these websites as an alternative for finding answers for your homework and assignments.

1. Quizplus


Quizplus helps its users with course-specific resources and study sets, tailored search results, and homework help. So, this can be a good choice at times, when you want help with your studies beyond the classroom.

The assistance provided by Quizplus can be obtained in different ways depending on the type of assistance you want. You may subscribe to the service and get instant help with your studies or you may try their free methods which will help you get free access to Quizplus services.

Quizplus provides a total of five free answers in 30+ different topics to every user after signing up. You can search for the questions you need by using the search bar and once you find the quiz you want to unlock, the first 3 answers are free, and when you sign up you will get 2 more free answers. This will help you get free answers; which in turn will let you know whether the quiz is beneficial to you, and give you the chance to decide if you want to unlock the quiz or not.

You can also check their upload-material feature, which is a service credit feature that allows users to upload any valuable academic content to the Quizplus platform and get free credits in return which will help you unlock quizzes for free and get answers to all of your desired questions.

One more thing I found interesting in Quizplus is that they provide an affiliation program with payments in cash instead of service credits which is pretty amazing as students can make money out of it just by inviting their friends to study. And if you want to achieve your study goals, you can use the money to purchase new quizzes and get their customized support and tools.

2. Using Study LibFree


Studylib is a good alternative of chegg and it works really fine most of the question answers are available here and its totally free.

  • Open Studylib website in your chrome browser.
  • Then simply search anything in the search bar.
  • After that you can find most of the answers easily very quickly.

3. Using Lit Answers – Site Discontinued

lit answers

If you can’t find the answer to your question in above mention websites you can also try to look for answers on this website i has a good library of solved question and they are constantly updating new questions daily.

  • Open the website –
  • Just copy and paste the chegg link to which you want the answer.
  • After that it will show you full list of possible solutions.

Update :- Guys Litanswers has stopped working you can simple visit other sites that i have mentioned in list.

4. Paperhelp For Chegg Answers – Paid


PaperHelp i yet another site like chegg and it show really good solutions to problems, i would recommend using this website as an alternative to chegg as it is completely free and there are many variations of answer you can choose from.

5. Textsheet – Site Discontinued

Textsheet alternatives

Textsheet used to be one of the best website for chegg alternatives but unfortunately due to copyright from chegg it was shut down and is no longer in service. You can use above list as alternatives of textsheet.

Try Using Google Search

google search for assignment answers

This trick is one of the most easiest and helpful yet some people don’t even try it sometimes the answer you have been looking upon has already been solved by someone and available on google so before trying anything you can also pre-search it on search engine because you might be surprised that a lot of people have already solved those questions and posted the solutions on their websites.


How to unblur Chegg?

You can try few of the solutions that i have mentioned in this post.

What are Free Alternatives Of Chegg?

2.Study Lib