Pubg Mobile ESP Hack v1.5.0 - No Root / Anti Ban - 2022

Pubg Mobile ESP Hack v1.5.0 – No Root / Anti Ban – 2022

pubg sharpshooter esp hack

Welcome guys i am back with another pubg ESP hack post and in this post I will talk about pubg ESP and what is the use of it. Also which is the best free alternative of Sharpshooter App this pubg hack is 100% free and you wont need any pubg sharpshooter esp key. I have tried it on multiple devices and it is working fine.

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This Article Is For Informational Purposes Only

Some Of The Features Of This App

ADDED Pubg Hack Apk

  1. ESP – Complete hack apk
  2. Box
  3. Line – Create a direct line between your enemies.
  4. Distance – Know the distance between other enemy players.
  5. Health – Unlimited health
  6. Name – Find people by name.
  7. Head
  8. 360° – complete 360 degree of view angle.
  9. Skeleton
  10. Enemy Count/ Bot Count
  11. Vehicles – Easily find vehicles.
  12. Loot Box
  13. All Items
  14. Airdrop
  15. Plane

What’s New In Pubg Hack V1.5.0

  • No Ban issue 100% safe to play
  • Use your original account
  • Zero Recoil
  • No Grass and trees
  • No Footsteps for enemy
  • Available for korean users
  • This is not mod apk it is mod obb so no third ban issue

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User can use low ping VPN for PUBG Lite to play game without lag and get better ping rate

Download Pubg Hack Latest Version v1.5.0

There are many hacks available over the internet with different name since i am writing about hacks lets also talk about some famous pubg hacks .

  1. PUBG Mobile Lua Script hack.
  2. Pubg Hack By RSDMODS.
  3. ESP Hack by Gameloop – V0.34.4.
  4. Sputnik Ruku ESP By Vladmods.
  5. Esp Sharpshooter Hack.
  6. Pubg Activegamer hack.
  7. Doremon ESP Hack

1. PUBG Mobile Lua Script Hack.

Lua script is a new type of pubg script which is known for its lightweight and high level of features and easy to use functionality it is developed in python which is a high level programming language know for its super fast execution and reliability.

It is most used programming language in game development and lua script utilizes it to provide a seamless experience it does not lag and your account will not get ban. It is suppose to be released with a new version on December with every feature you can imagine.

2. ESP Hack by Memoryhack – V0.45.3

This particular esp is made for Tencent emulator which comes with advance encrypted modules that helps in fooling pubg AI bots that detect any unusual activity and it is more secure while using Tencent Gaming Buddy. So you just have to download Gameloop and download rest of the files from meoryhack official website and you are done.

3. Sharpshooter Hack For Pubg?

Sharpshooter is a pubg esp hack script which is subscription based and you have to buy it for 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week and it is very costly for anyone to buy. This app is used for hacking everything in pubg mod can easily be used for knowing enemy location their health and auto aim are some of the feature of this app.

The only con is that it vey costly and many users can afford it but if you have money to spare you can check out their website and give sharpshooter a try.

Does Pubg Hack Still Works?

Well as of now PUBG is banned in india but people are still playing pubg without any problem so we decide to update this post with two new pubg hacks.

  1. Pubg Global Version Hack.
  2. Pubg Korean Version Hack.

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PUBG Hack obb mod file :- Global Version

If you have previously used some kind of pubg hack i am sure that you might have face some problems regarding ban sometimes because you downloaded some outdated hack or you were not using it carefully but if you use this new updated obb file of pubg chances of you Pubg ID getting banned are reduced significantly so you can without worrying use this latest pubg obb with your original account push your rank to conqueror without breaking a sweat and increase you KD (Kill To Death Ratio) to 5 or 6 but don’t get greedy and keep your KD minimum as possible to keep under the radar, So lets talk about pubg obb now :-

PUBG Hack obb mod file :- Korean Version

Koean esp hacks pubg hack mobile is a free hack its default language is korean that we have to change after installation. Korean pubg mod apk is very interesting because it also offers many in-app items that are only available in south Korean pubg. One of the main feature of this app is because it consumes less resource mainly RAM of your device. This Korean pubg hack has been tested by us for more than 5 days and we have still not found any issue so it safe to say that its a good choice if you want to have some fun.

Download Pubg Mobile Mod Obb Hack :-

PUBG Mobile Mod OBB – God Mode :- This is one of the famous hacks used in the game it gives you ability to literally do anything that you want within this game you can fly in air like superman, kill your enemy instantly, your health will never drop to zero and you can increase your friends tire using this. I have seen many people reaching conqueror using this obb.

No Recoil Hack for PUBG Mobile :- Generally while using a gun in pubg when you click on trigger button your gun starts to move upwards this happens due to recoil it is one of the main elements of pubg dynamics and players who knows how to control this recoil plays better and kills more enemy using pubg recoil hack you can completely remove the recoil of your gun make easily kill all enemies.

PUBG Mobile Hack – FPS Increased upto 90 :- Currently pubg offers fps upto 120 but many players cannot use it due to device limitations although your normal FPS will improve but don’t expect anything past 90 because if your device don’t support that FPS then you will not see more than 90 FPS. It all depends upon your device configuration.

PUBG Speed Hack :- As the name suggests it will increase your player speed and vehicle speed of your game you can drive your Dasia at a speed of upto 190kmph and your player will move at a faster pace so use this carefully as you will be detected easily

Pubg Server Hack – Freeze Pubg Server :- This is an new type of hack that is used in pubg by using it you can freeze a lobby and the game will be unplayable i it is still under development.

What is Pubg ESP Hack and Cheats?

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) cheats are types of hack which give you unfair advantage over other players esp hacks have been used for FPS games for a long time and every popular game has ESP hackers nowadays Pubg is no exception using esp player can do unimaginable thing in game and even a noob with no skills can play like a pro.

Guys A Note Before You Read This Article :- None of the files are hosted or present on this website for download.

Pubg Hacking Safety Tips.

  • Avoid shooting at opponent through walls and buildings.
  • Don’t shoot at enemies in smoke or fog.
  • Avoid flying and speed hacks.
  • Avoid cheating while being spectated by other players.
  • Avoid Using Auto Aim.

Guys Follow these steps carefully if you miss any step this trick will now work.

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STEP1 :- Download ESP patcher from the link below and extract it in you device then simply install it.

esp patcher

STEP2 :- Download and extract pubg mod apk zip.

STEP3 :- Install Http Canary app and don’t open it.

STEP4 :- Open ESP patcher and click on BEFORE INSTALL MOD APK

STEP5 :- Uninstall Official PUBG Application.

STEP6 :- After that go to pubg mod apk folder and install pubg mod apk.

STEP7 :- Go to ESP patcher and click AFTER INSTALL MOD APK.

STEP8 :- Go to HTTP Canary app > Go to setting > Click On app Target > Select PUBG.

Features of PUBG Mod Apk 1.2.0

• No Recoiling For Guns
• Auto Bot Aim – AI powered
• Fixed Screen While Firing
• Instant Strike
• No Grass No Snakes
• No Fog / Neutral Weather
• Know Your Enemies Health
• 360° Enemy alert
• View Enemy Inventory
• Find Enemy Distance
• Proximity Alert
• Hear Enemy Voice Chat

  1. Is Pubg Hack Free?

    Yes, absolutely the hack is free for all.

  2. How To Hack Pubg Mobile?

    All you need to do is follow simple steps and you are done.

  3. Which Version Of Hack Should You Choose?

    You can choose any hack you like we have mentioned many types of pubg hack in out article.