Spotify Premium Mod Apk: Enjoy ad-Free Music for Latest v8.6.80.1014

spotify mod apk

Music is one thing which has been present in the world since a very long long time; and because of such presence it has been able to progress over time; and make a mark in the 21st century as well. Although, with the change in time, there has also been a significant change in taste of music and they way it is produced. Today we are bringing you this article to let you in on the Spotify Premium APK.

Going back to the first known encounter of recorded music, we could see that there was more focus on the natural sounds and the melody was serene. But with progress in both technology and time, the natural sounds have transformed into techno and EDM, and the serene melody is now interchanged with a variety of genres.

One application which allows the user to listen to all kinds of songs and explore various genres is Spotify. Spotify came out in 2006, and originated in Sweden. The founder of the company Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, made sure that the application will have every possible genre so the essence of music is not lost even in the 21st Century.

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 Developer:Spotify Ltd.
 Size:32.80 MB
 Release:07 – 10 – 2021
 Playstore:Open Play Store Link
 Requirements:Spotify account,
Internet connectivity to stream music.

SPOTIFY Apk And A Little Insight On It

Spotify came out in 2006 and was founded in Sweden, the name of the company is derived from “SPOT” and “IDENTIFY”. In the early days, the company offered free registration to the general public and it wasn’t until 2013 that the company actually became a publicly traded corporation. After 2013, the company had a very wide profit growth and there was no looking back. The application, spotify, has a lot to offer to the customers and the artists itself. The features of the application are listed below.

Features Of Spotify

the following are the various features provided by the multi billion dollar music giant SPOTIFY

1. Listen to your favourite Artists

spotify ad free

The application allows you to listen to your favourite Artist, Band, Podcast, and a numerous other things with the updates that are regularly circulating. The application also allows the user to follow their favourite Artist, Band, Podcast and likewise things to keep up to date with them.

2. Playlists

spotify playlist

The application lets you create your own playlist or follow playlists of other people you like; the application has an intelligent AI based recommendation system which recommends songs based on your daily activity.

3. Listen on multiple devices

The application over the period of time has allowed the users to link multiple devices and listen to music on the go. This not only allows the user to have multiple connection; but also listen on different platforms thus promoting the user growth.

4. Sharing music

You can discover new artists by sharing songs. When you hear something amazing and new, the first people you generally tell are your friends – and Spotify makes it simple to do so. You may either actively share links or passively publish your playlists to your public Spotify profile and let your friends dig through your music collection.

As long as Spotify is open on your computer, you can listen to Spotify music from Facebook.

If you’re an unsigned artist who has uploaded your music to Spotify, you can quickly advertise yourself by utilising a music-distribution business that has collaborated with Spotify.

5. Free to use

free music app

The biggest giveaway of the application is that it is free to use, and by use we mean it is free to stream music using internet connection. But, the songs or podcast being heard here cannot be saved.

Thus, the application is very well known for being a free to use music streaming service.

What Is Spotify Mod Apk

As any other application with in application purchases, Spotify too comes packed with the same. To make sure that the company has a stable source of revenue; the application has some premium features which can only be used once you purchase the membership of the application.

spotify mod apk

Although, the membership comes at a very nominal rate; the possibility of having an application for free leaves no room for bargain. Thus we are bringing you the MODDED version of Spotify.

Features of Spotify MOD

The following are the features of Spotify MOD-

1. No ROOT access required

The biggest selling point of this MOD is that it requires no root access, thus allowing you to run seamlessly without putting in any extra effort.

2. Premium features unlocked

premium mod apk

Listening to music in high quality, saving the music in high quality, no advertisements of any kind and infinite amount of repeat/skip. All the features which are locked and not accessible because you have to pay for them, have been unlocked in this MOD version.

3. Special provision for Artists

Discover artist

As we all know, artists on spotify have a hard time keeping track of things and building their reach; the premium version of Spotify however makes it a little easier for them. The premium version provides them with insight on how people react to their music and how well the music is performing. With the help of the MOD, the user can have a direct insight on all this without paying anything for it.

4. Auto-Update

The MOD has been loaded with an auto-update provision to make sure that the MOD is never caught by the developers; and the user can continue to have a glorious run at it.

Download The SPOTIFY MOD

The link to download the modded version of Spotify has been listed below-

How To Install Spotify MOD APK

The following are the steps listed to install Spotify MOD APK on your device-

  1. Download the MOD version provided in the link above.
  2. Now go to settings on your device and search for “Install from unknown devices”.
  3. Enable the Installation from unknown sources and continue further.
  4. Now go to downloads and click on install for the MOD.
  5. Wait for the MOD to install.
  6. Voila, now you’re free to use the application and browse through various genres.