Top Carfax Alternatives In 2022- [Check Vehicle History]

Top Carfax Alternatives In 2022- [Check Vehicle History]

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Vehicle history is a very essential part to go over when buying a used vehicle; it allows us to know in depth about the kind of vehicle we are looking at and also know about all the truths that the seller may be hiding. As we live in the digital age, this information is easily accessible to us on the internet as well. One such application which strives in providing such information to all its users is “CARFAX”. Carfax is an online portal where the user can collect information about any and every car they are trying to look for and we have crafted this well written article of top carfax alternative. For checking vehicle VIN

It is very beneficial if you are buying a second hand car from an individual seller. This way you get to know whether you are buying a car worth the money or not. Today’s blog will be dedicated to finding alternatives to Carfax.

Top Carfax alternatives to help you select the best ride.

As we all are aware about Carfax, it is an online portal which helps the user know each and every last bit about the vehicle they are looking for. The portal discloses all the relevant information which has been associated with the vehicle; it is open for public access and is completely legal.
Carfax works when you first enter the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle you wish to purchase. It shows you a report containing the vehicle’s odometer reading, its history obtained from state agencies, police reports, and repair shops after you pay (yeah, it’s not free!).

As we can already see how expensive Carfax is; here is the list of top alternatives which can help you overpower Carfax.

1. Autocheck – Paid

autocheck vehicle history check

AutoCheck is one of the greatest tool for checking vehicle history. It’s not free, but it’s a lot less expensive than Carfax. A single report costs $24.99, however the $49.99 plan allows you to apply for 25 car history records in 21 days.

Because you’re buying a used automobile, you’ll want to look at a few different models and choose one that’s in good shape. The $49.99 plan appears to be ideal for that.

It also provides free reports that include basic car information such as the vehicle’s place of origin, model, and engine. You can also apply for a report using the license plate number if you don’t have the Vehicle Identification Number.

What makes it one of the most effective Carfax substitutes? Well, it not only has all of the characteristics that Carfax has, but it also has a few more, which gives it an advantage over Carfax. AutoCheck gives you access to exclusive data obtained from two of the country’s leading auction houses.

You can also compare used automobiles in the same category. This is a fantastic feature. Its proprietary score metre forecasts a vehicle’s reliability and assigns it a score that may be used to compare other vehicles.

It also offers a mobile application for Android and iOS users. On your smartphone or PC, you can access up to 300 reports. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic deal?


VIN Check

You don’t want to pay for vehicle reports? There’s no need to be concerned; is completely free. Despite the fact that it is free, it gives you with some useful information in its reports. Simply enter the vehicle’s 17-digit unique VIN number.

Its report includes information about the vehicle’s model, other characteristics, and sales history. Not only that, but you can also get the vehicle’s theft history, which shows how many times it has been stolen in the past. It’s also simple to keep track of impound and towing events. NMVTIS provides the data for

Based on prior sales of the same model, the web-based service can estimate the market value of the model you want to buy. It includes a checklist that you can use to conduct your own inspection of the car. The checklist can be used to inspect every aspect of the car, including the suspension, steering, and tyres.

It also includes a tool known as License Plate Lookup. It’s all completely free. You will never be requested to register on the site or pay for a service. Is it one of the greatest Carfax replacements available for free? It is, without a doubt!

3. VINsmart


VINsmart is a service that retrieves historical and valuation data for any vehicle in a timely, reliable, and reasonably priced manner. VINsmart’s crew is dedicated to their work, claiming that their service is faster, more detailed, and more dependable than any other in the field, including Carfax.

But what we enjoy best about VINsmart is that the company’s founders are forthright about their flaws and realistic in their claims. It also allows you to examine 5 sample reports for free to have a better idea of what to expect. The well-detailed reports provide you with a realistic idea of the type of information that will be included in your report.

One report would set you back around $9.95, while up to nine reports will set you back $6.65 each. If you apply for more than 9 reports, the cost per report will be $5.95. It’s a fantastic offer!

All of the data comes from the NMVTIS, which is where the majority of reputable vehicle history suppliers acquire their data. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) receives the information from insurance companies, vehicle agencies, and trash and salvage yards, which it compares to vehicle VINs.

However, because not all insurance companies and car agencies submit data to the NMVTIS, the information presented is occasionally incomplete.

If the information in your report is incomplete for any reason, you can request a refund. You have the option of receiving credit for your next report or demanding payment. It’s entirely up to you. Only a small processing fee of around $2 will be taken from the total.

VINsmart genuinely cares about its clients. When you have a question or an issue, you may always message a live person on the website. Users of Android and iOS devices can download the VINsmart app.

4. CheckthatVIN

CheckThatVin, like all of the other suppliers mentioned above, derives its data from the NMVTIS, which is a reliable source. A CheckThatVin report will set you back $3.50, which is far less than the cost of any other (paid) reports on the market.

The vehicle’s state of origin, model, date of purchase, insurance company, and information on theft, floods, and other issues are all included in the report. On the website, you’ll find a full list of helpful hints for purchasing a used car. We urge that you look over the list because it has some excellent suggestions.

For iPhone users, there is also an app available. You can always use its website if that isn’t an option.


The following is a list of all the applications that are the best alternatives for Carfax, and they provide the similar information at a very reasonable rate. This blog should help you find the relevant information and probably the car that you’ve been looking for. Have a great day, and don’t forget to comment below.