Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.21, 1.21.10 and 1.21.20

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.21, 1.21.10 and 1.21.20


Try to find Sniffer egg in underground structures, paint pots, and use cherry petals for crafting!

Minecraft PE 1.21, 1.21.10 and 1.21.20: Last Update

Many were waiting for the release of this update of the game, as the developers promised to develop archaeology and add new features. Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.21, 1.21.10 and 1.21.20 offers a number of options that allow players to:

  • Use some mobs to search for items;
  • painting pots;
  • help the Sniffer to hatch from eggs;
  • improve armor;
  • prepare dyes from cherry petals;
  • explore ancient ruins.

Ancient mobs

Some players have already managed to get acquainted with the Sniffer in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.21.0 and learn how to search for seeds of various useful plants together with him. There are such cultures in the game that the user cannot find on his own.

With the help of this dinosaur, the character can easily access plants such as Torchflower. By the way, the same flower is useful for taming the Sniffer.

To help the unique mob to appear in the game, the user can use its eggs. It is possible to find them in a structure called Trail Ruins.

In the same underground structures there are templates for armor.


The most unexpected mob in jungle biomes is a monkey. The animal is an inhabitant of the jungle and can be tamed. It has an important function – to show the way to Jungle Temple, because many people know how difficult it is to find this structure.

Now the mob lives in the game, and players will no longer need to download mods for MCPE.

There are also changes in deserts: players can unexpectedly find an oasis – a picturesque place where there are additional resources.

Items and blocks

Many of the new items have already appeared in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.12, but in this update, the developers have added more functionality to them. The game also has content that players will see for the first time.

PotsIf earlier decorative pots could be crafted in only one color, then in Minecraft 1.21, 1.21.10 and 1.21.20 players can paint them in any color they like using dyes.
ArmorSmithing templates will help the player to fight in beautiful armor. There are dozens of different variants stored in Trail Ruins. Also, users should get Smithing table.
PetalsCreating dyes in the game is easier than it seems: the player only needs to collect petals in Cherry Biome and apply them with the right recipe.
Cherry WoodThis is the most beautiful kind of wood in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.21, 1.21.10 and 1.21.20. It has a pleasant pink texture. Cherry blocks are suitable for the interior and for construction.

Minecraft PE 1.21, 1.21.10 and 1.21.20: Last Update