GTA 5 Mod For Minecraft PE | Download GTA V Mod For Android

GTA 5 Mod For Minecraft PE | Download GTA V Mod For Android

gta 5 minecraft mod

Hey guys if you are looking for GTA 5 Minecraft mod and interested in best mods for Minecraft Android you will like this mod for Minecraft pe apk this mod contains gta 5 city with most of the characters and landscape. GTA 5 mod for Minecraft is a special mod developed by N11CK and free to download and enjoy gta v map in your favorite Minecraft.

In this mod you’ll have access to all the weapons and missions, cars. You can explore every inch of GTA 5 in Minecraft style. The game dynamics remains the same and you can also invite your friends to play the game with you. If you know how to host a Minecraft server you can also enjoy gta 5 in server also.

Minecraft Pe GTA V Mod For Android

Los Santos the most popular city in the gaming universe as this city is showcased in GTA V (the most popular game of all time) this mod will contain this city and also one more small city of GTA V the game mod will be supporting all android devices with at least 2 GB of ram the game Minecraft support’s this mod very easily and we can’t see a little bit bug in this mod so you can play this mod very easily.

Features Of Availability
GTA 5 MapYes
Multiple Language SupportYes
New Updated texturesYes
Laggy GameNo

What Is Minecraft?

If you’re keen on playing games, then you must have heard about Minecraft or played it, it’s the world’s most liked game and many people are crazy about this game. Where the amount of individuals playing this game of Microsoft is increasing, its sales have also increased.

Officially almost 200 million people have bought it. Out of which about 126 million people have played it online. Even after 11 years, the interest of the people towards this game has not diminished.

According to a survey, 17% of all gamers within the US between the ages of 10 and 50 have played Minecraft within the past six months. One third of Minecraft players at 12% for Western Europe are female.

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GTA 5 Minecraft Mod Gameplay

In GTA V Minecraft Mod gameplay, players play by accumulating and placing and breaking differing types of blocks during a three-dimensional environment, and from those blocks the player can build creative structures, creations and artwork, and make a replacement world within the same world. Also players can fight computer-controlled “Mobs” counting on the sport mode they play. You’ll also cooperate or compete with other players from an equivalent world.

Microsoft acquired Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5 billion six years ago, and has since distributed the sport worldwide on gaming consoles and on mobiles and laptops like PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and other platforms. But this game was played.

According to Google Trends, online look for Minecraft was at its peak in 2012 and 2013. The

Sport was also the foremost popular game within the world last year and even surpassed Fortnite.

Feature Of Minecraft Gta V Mod

Add-ons: The add-on not only comes with weapons or tools the add-ons also comes with cars tanks helicopter and many more.

Gta 5 Minecraft Maps: “Grove Street, Airport, Downtown Los Santos, space 69”,and many more so guys in this map you can explore a very big city to play.

Advantages we get in this mods: Not only City we get in this map but also will be get the place where the three characters of GTA V leave means the driver house the Franklin house and also the Michaels house after add not only the houses but also the famous places of GTA V we can see in this mod.

Installation Steps:

How to add GTA V map in our Minecraft world of Minecraft PE?

First download the latest Minecraft Apk

Tap on the appeared folder (Which is coming after extract this zip which is given below). Then select the “GTA5″ folder and cut it.

Go-to the games folder of your mobile. Tap on “com.Mojang”.

Now You Should Click on ‘Minecraft_Worlds’ and after that paste the folder which we have cut. If resources are given you should also paste them in games>com.mojang>resources_pack Now open the game see the game and now enjoy you gameplay.

So guys finally we installed Gta v mod for Minecraft pe. Hope you like so.