Best Premium Wallpaper App For Android [ 2023 List ]

Best Premium Wallpaper App For Android [ 2023 List ]

Best Premium Wallpaper App For Android [ 2023 List ].

As humans are fond of art, we integrate it into our daily lives. Be it our walls in the room or the wall on the phone screen. There are lots of wallpaper app in the Google Play Store for Android users.

Some of these are incredibly pika-pika, ahem, I mean shiny or soothing to Kokoro. From minimalist, soothing wallpapers to anime-blazing wallpapers that turn your phone into another masterpiece of art, we have everything included for your taste in our list of the best premium wallpaper app for Android.

1. Wallpapers by Google

Android_Wallpapers-by-Google (1)
Google Wallpapers

Rated 3.9 out of 5 with a whopping 500 million downloads, this wallpaper app for Android is easy and super compatible with most of the devices out there. Obviously, from google.

Although the wallpaper choice in each category is limited, it is fantastic. Furthermore, the app hasn’t been updated in the past two years. Google does not appear to be working on this app.

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I want this app to regularly update its collection from Google’s database so that we never run out of beautiful photographs. Wallpaper scaling is not a problem for this device.

2. Forest Live Wallpaper

forest live wallpaper

This android wallpaper is my personal recommendation. An individual, not a team, develops it. The app has 1 million downloads with 4.5-star ratings, and I suggest all minimalists try this app. The wallpapers are related to a straightforward forest weather context, and it is just Kimochi, with no confusing images and no distractions.

The developer’s name on the play store is kaka.

There are several kinds of weather for various moods.

3. AmoledPix

Android_AmoledPix_ (1)

The focus is on presenting alternatives with deep blacks in several genres, such as anime, architecture, quotations, or vehicles, to name a few. Users may search for wallpapers with a similar style by tapping on the colors that have been labeled after picking a picture.

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AmoledPix features over 10,000 artworks that users may use as wallpapers.

The app has a premium edition that can be purchased either through a subscription or a one-time fee. By paying the money, you will be able to eliminate the advertisements and have access to additional collections.

4. +100000 Anime Wallpaper

+100000 anime wallpaper

If you are an anime fan, this wallpaper app is the best when it comes to anime. 10 million downloads with a 4.0-star rating will not disappoint you in any way. Updated daily and with new anime releases. All kinds of collections from waifu to shonen.

The only drawback it seems to have is that the number of portrait wallpapers is less.

This application is fantastic! It has many great wallpapers that I could quickly change whenever I wanted. I like how diverse it is, and it appears to perform admirably in terms of connectivity, never crashing and never displaying pop-up ads.

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There is always so much to choose from that you can find everything you want! Five stars. I would suggest it to anybody seeking a new background!

5. Tapet

Android_Tapet_Screenshots (1)

It is similar to Stokie and Sphaera in that it allows users to create wallpapers by adjusting various settings. It does not provide a collection but instead generates patterns using mathematical functions. The application employs a swipe-based method to present users with several alternatives they may store on their devices.

An in-app purchase unlocks patterns that would otherwise be unavailable, as well as the ability to customize a color palette and put Tapet’s created graphics on the lock screen as a live wallpaper.

6. Black Wallpaper: Darkify


If you are from the black religion, then this is it. exclusively made for fans of black color. Black cars, clothes, guns, magic, then why not a Kakkoi wallpaper in dashing black? With 10+ million downloads and a 4.3-star rating, this stands out alone.

You can share your favorite wallpaper on any social media site, and it supports tablets too.

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Excellent application featuring a wide range of attractive, high-quality images ranging from landscapes to conceptual art and even Dragonball Z characters, all of which have a dark, ominous feel.

While browsing, you may wishlist your favorites, which are then saved on their own page for you to return to later without having to search for them. I really enjoy how various photos are loaded every day when you start the app, so you’re not always seeing the same ones.

7. Stokie


With a wallpaper library that includes stock wallpapers provided by device makers. It expands on these by letting you choose a picture and change its brightness, contrast, color, saturation, amount of blur, and RGB makeup.

As a result, you may keep the wallpaper’s beauty while making it your own. If standard wallpapers aren’t your thing, or if you’re searching for something simpler, the stokie also lets you create gradient-style backgrounds.

It’s free to download, but there’s an in-app charge to remove adverts, gain access to more features, and get priority customer assistance.

8. Backdrops


This app have collections of photography and vector art. Digital artists and the community update the pool on a daily basis.

Users may apply wallpapers from a Backdrops notice and store wallpapers from the Explore page in the Pro edition, which is otherwise limited to Clan and Free Collections. It will also remove advertisements from the app.

9. Wallcraft – Wallpapers HD, 4K


Only wallpapers appropriate for the size of your screen will be displayed in this app. All photos are of excellent quality and come in a variety of resolutions. Support for all devices, especially those with large screens (Full HD, 1080p) (Ultra HD, 4K).

It was rated 4.1 stars by 600,000 users and supported by ten million+ users.

Hands down, the best wallpaper app for Android. Subscription fees are reasonable. Given the high quality of the backdrops, it is well worth paying for. It exceeds my expectations.

A large number of high-resolution photos from several genres. You may get them in both portrait and landscape orientations. It has every sort of picture you may want.

It is simple to use and download, and the search option allows you to find photos such as planets, asteroids, rain, and computer graphics. For me, the finest wallpaper app.

10. Abstruct

Android_Abstruct_Screenshots (1)

contains collections by Hampus Olsson, an artist best known for the OnePlus stock wallpapers. The app provides an archive for abstract photos, as its name indicates. There are around 350 wallpapers in the collection, which are updated by the designer as new artwork is released.

If you enjoy the standard wallpapers from OnePlus or the wallpapers from the Paranoid Android ROM, this app is an excellent way to get them in high-resolution versions. Users may either utilize them right away in the app or store them in their gallery for later use.

It’s worth noting that four of the eight accessible collections are now hidden behind a paywall that necessitates the purchase of a subscription.

11. WallCandy


Another app that appeals to users who own a device with an AMOLED display. Offering a database of over 5,000 images classified as wallpapers that are appropriate for your smartphone’s lock screen or notched display. It, like the majority of the other wallpaper apps on our list, has the option to change backgrounds automatically.

It’s free for a lifetime. There is no download charge, either. It contains advertisements, which, in my opinion, are not shown regularly.

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You can choose any app given above depending on your own taste, and ranking is only for SEO. Every developer tries their best, and we should appreciate their efforts in providing us with cool wallpapers for free. It is not always easy to solve every bug, but we should also look at the positive side of the app.