Best Gaming Accessories For Entry Level PC In 2023

Best Gaming Accessories For Entry Level PC In 2023

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Gaming is like a new world for people where there are lots of virtual things to explore. With every level of the game you complete, you feel more satisfied and you get curious to explore the next level. Have you ever played Android or mobile games and you are new to PC gaming? Well, playing games on PC is a lot more fun as compared to playing on mobile phones because a PC has bigger screen and louder music. Moreover, there are some gaming accessories for PCs’ that you can use to make your gaming experience more comfortable. 

Once you will start playing PC games using amazing gaming accessories, you will get addicted and you won’t enjoy playing games on your cell phones anymore and even on your Laptop.

Top 8 Entry-Level PC Gaming Accessories:

There are certain accessories that are must for gaming for example, mouse and keyboard but in order to make your gaming experience more exciting, we have brought the list of top 8 PC Gaming Accessories. I hope that you will love to explore these accessories. So let’s get started:

1. Mouse:

gaming mouse

Having a mouse for your PC is a must because without a mouse, you can neither play any game nor you can even use your PC properly. In every PC games, you need to scroll your mouse several times. It is important to have a decent and responsive mouse for gaming. Also, if the size of the mouse is very or very small then you might have problem while playing game and you won’t feel comfortable to use that mouse. Prices of mice differ from brand to brand and prices even depend on the quality of the mice. 

However, prices do not always determine the quality of the product. There are certain mice that have very reasonable prices but they perform great job for gamers. Hence, it all depends on your shopping guts and skills.

There are some mice with flash as well for example, VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse which has five adjustable DPI levels that are 800, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2400. 

2. Keyboard:

gaming keyboard

Keyboard is as important for a PC and for PC games as much as a mouse. There are many things in the PC games that you need to control through the keys of the keyboard. Hence, you are supposed to have a decent keyboard with comfortable and properly spaced keys. Although the functioning of all the keyboards is the same but there is still a big variety of keyboards out there and they all differ in terms of their customization, input lag and build quality. 

Some keyboards are backlit that allow the gamers to enjoy gaming in the dark place. If you used to play games on a laptop then it has its own pre-built keyboard but if you play on PC then an external keyboard has to be attached. 

3. Headset:

It is not a mandatory part for playing games but the purpose of using a headset is actually to add more fun to your gaming experience. A decent headset will actually make the gaming sound more realistic for you like gunshots and explosions. Another advantage of using a headset while playing a PC game is that you won’t be creating any disturbance for other members of your family as only you will be able to hear the gaming sounds. 

Some headsets are wired and some are wireless. In fact, there is a big variety among headsets in terms of physical aspects, sound quality and in many other ways. It’s not much important whether you choose a wired headset or a wireless model but considering the sound quality is the most important thing. Some headsets also have built-in microphones as well. So I would suggest choosing such a headset so that you will be provided with a 2-in-1 option. 

4. Stereo Speakers:

gaming stereo speaker

If you have a private room of your own where you can play loud music without disturbing other family members then having stereo speakers would be a great option to better enjoy PC games. Logitech’s G560 is one of the best models when it comes to stereo speakers but there are many other models available as well. You can find one on your own from the market for yourself. 

Usually, stereo speakers are connected with your computer through a cable but just like Bluetooth headsets, there are some Bluetooth stereo speakers as well. Such speakers are wireless and are more comfortable to use. 

5. Bluetooth gaming controller:

bluetooth gaming controllers

There is another fantastic device for gamers and that is called Bluetooth gaming controller. If you prefer to use a gaming controller then it will replace the need of a mouse and a keyboard while playing games. While buying a gaming controller, you must pay special attention to the battery timing. Usually, a Bluetooth gaming controller can work for up to 8 hours in one charge. 

One of the most common controllers is DualShock 4’s button layout which is very comfortable to use. Its grips are actually very comfortable to hold in hands and you can enjoy your gaming without the hassle of using keyboard and mouse individually. This Bluetooth gaming controller will serve the purpose itself. 

6. Fast Wi-Fi router:

fast wifi router

Most of the popular PC games are played online and for playing an online game, off course, you must have a fast internet connection. How much annoyed you will feel when your game will get stuck meanwhile and you will lose the challenge! In order to avoid such a hassle, it is important to get fast Wi-Fi router. 

Choose such an internet router that provides consistent and strong internet access. 

7. Web cam:

gaming webcam

A webcam is only required if you want to stream your gameplay to Facebook, YouTube Live or Twitch. There are certain online games that allow you to connect with the opponent through video and to get connected with the opponent in this way, you need a webcam. 

Almost all the laptops have a built-in webcam but if you wanna play games on PC then you need to attach an external camera. Wyze’s security camera is the best option in this regard because this web cam supports the video quality of up to 1080 pixels. This camera also has a night mode and that means you will be visible even in the dark. You can adjust this webcam on its stand on the position that seems perfect to you. 

8. An Ergonomic chair:

Ergonomic gaming chair

If you won’t feel relaxed then you won’t be able to play the game for a longer session. In order to keep you relaxed, you must have a comfortable, soft, ergonomic chair. There is a big variety of ergonomic chairs out there. Just visit the market, explore the features of different chairs and choose the best one that is budget-friendly, comfortable and useful for gaming sessions. 


Playing games makes you feel satisfied and it sharpens your minds as well in different ways. If you want to play PC games then all of the above mentioned accessories will let you have a thrilling experience and will make you feel comfortable while playing games. Ultimately, you will be able to complete your game levels much faster. Hence, own these entry-level PC gaming accessories and have big fun!