Top 16 Free Low MB Games For Android - [Lowest Storage]

Top 16 Free Low MB Games For Android – [Lowest Storage]

low mb games

Android is gradually taking the place of primary device for playing games and folks these days enjoy all type of games like Action, Strategy, Puzzle or Simulation to be named few. The capability to download and enjoy thousand of games at your finger-tips makes it very interesting. But even though smartphones have become very powerful these days, some people still have entry level devices. That’s why we have compile a list of top free low mb games.

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If you live in a area where internet connectivity is weak or you simply enjoy basic games who requires less memory consumption then we have a comprehensive list for you because these games require very less memory and we’ve enlist some best low MB games and their size is less than 20 MB.

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1. Modern Sniper

modern sniper
Size: 10.2 MB

Modern Sniper is one of the best shooting games where you can kill your opponents employing the sniping. There are 6 distinct maps, more than 50 undertakings, and 7 real-world pikes. For more exciting games visit aviator games online.

You can select whatever you want and choose what you want to play first. The game has 3D illustrations and delivers a favorable background even on low-end devices. Are you a fan of shooting games then check your list of top multiplayer games like pubg.

2. Doodle cricket

doodle cricket
Size: 310 KB

You won’t recognize that the game just needs 310KB of your device to run. Such a tiny size for a game is incredible. It is one of the best cricket gaming app. So, you can admire the most convenient mobile cricket game on your Android phone. If you are seeking for best low MB cricket games that could fit with your phone, try this smallest sized cricket game.

3. Bubble Shoot

Size: 1.4MB

Bubble Shoot is also one of the lowest size shooting games you can recognize on your Android. This is an updated version of classic bubble games consisting of more than 1860 levels. Give rise to combine 3 or more bubbles to bring about burst.

4. Archery

archery android
Size: 2.7MB

Archery is a weightless Archery game where you need to employ a bow and arrow for shooting. Your objective is to concentrate on the board and restricted number of arrows are given you have to try to gain a highest score.

5. Chess for Android

chess for android

Chess for Android looks like the slightest chess game for Android if we consider the size. It is smaller than 1MB in size but delivers a similar chess background. You can utilize the touch command to shift pieces from one place to another.

6. Moto Hill Racing

moto hill racing
Size: 5.2 MB

If you like to play a bike game, Moto Hill Racing will be the best choice for you. This is an unrestricted game where you will be driving a motorbike uphill and downhill in the mountainous city. There are also some auto and manual styles to undertake. In the game, you will have to maintain 10 Super hill motorbikes to open. You will also be performing an extreme rise. The game is really simple to play and can be taken advantage of by gamers of all generation groups.

7. Dr. Driving

dr driving
Size: 10 MB

Dr. Driving is another low mb game with car driving where you will be executing several tasks such as catching up with a location or placing your car to pass over the level. The game can also be tinkered with friends.

8. 2048

2048 game
Size: 1 MB

2048 is a really modest and small size game appropriate for Android phones. It just takes a space of 1.04 MB to install on your phone. You will be striking two blocks together to make a new block of their SUM. The objective is to give rise to a block of 2048.

9. Roll Balls Into A Hole

Roll Balls into a hole is similarly an interesting game where you have to push all the balls into a gap by inclining your mobile device. If you think it is concerning, you should understand that there’s an individual RED ball that should be the final to go within. It is a simple but engaging game.

10. Shoot Bubble Deluxe

shoot bubble deluxe
Size: 2.43 MB

It is a traditional bubble shooting game where you will get Puzzle Mode & Arcade Mode to enjoy. Give rise to combine 3 or more bubbles to blast them. When you vacate all the bubbles, the grade will rise. In the puzzle procedure, you will get 300 fun levels. In arcade mode, bubbles will come down gradually and you will have to hit them soon to inhibit death.

11. Stickman and Gun 3

stickman and gun 3
Size: 2.7 MB

Stickman and Gun 3 is one of another role-playing shooting game. Its size is approximately 3MB. You can prefer your stickman warrior and struggle against harmful monsters to overcome. You can select one gun and get ready for the zombie attack.

12. City Jump

City Jump is one of the best low MB game for Android that inquires of you to hop between buildings. While hopping from one building to another, you will have to ignore a ton of obstacles and destroy the opponents before you attain the objective.

13. Air Attack

air attack
Size: 4.7 MB

Air Attack is another remarkable game. Its size is less than 5MB, still, it gives incredible shooting occurrences. In the game, you need to connect the helicopter and airplane with your bomb and fire on the opponent helicopter using bombs. You have 3 unique game modes to get a kick out of. You have 9 varied enemy airplanes and fighters.

14. Unblock Car

unlock cars
Size: 4.44 MB

Unblock Car is another puzzle game where your objective is to fetch a red car out of a six-by-six grid with cars by shifting other cards out of the path. There are more than 3,000 puzzles, 4 various times, and 4 complicated levels to revel.

15. Infinity Loop

the infinite loop
Size: 9.8 MB

Infinity Loop is a type of puzzle game where you need to hit on pieces to finish off the precise loop. It seems too east but it can serve somewhat struggling after you finish a few grades. The event also has a comfortable soundtrack and addicting gameplay.

16. Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss features several popular card games that include Solitaire, Freecell, Yukon, Pyramid, and several more. The app additionally features customizable options such as switching card decks, backgrounds, and the ability to create an account where players can track their progress and climb the leaderboard.


Here is the record of small MB games that need very little space on your phone. These small MB games operate well on low-end devices. SO, you don’t have to worry about a lack of space on phone or data for downloading. All these games operate offline, so don’t need much data to play.