10 Best Twitch Alternatives for Video Gaming Streaming In 2020

10 Best Twitch Alternatives for Video Gaming Streaming In 2020

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Twitch well if you know about gaming then i bet you’ve surely heard the name. Its one of the worlds best video streaming platform. It has millions of monthly active users and website visitors all over the world. Apart from other things it is mainly known for Video Game Streaming. It’s a best choice for the passionate gamers. Unfortunately, for quite a while now some twitch users have been unhappy about some decisions made by Twitch higher-ups regarding their policy change and few other thing including recent Ban on Dr Disrespect. Due to this reason, lots of users think of getting the best twitch alternatives and switch towards the better platforms. But it will surprise to know that there are more promising platforms now then they used to be you can also use some of these platforms to build a audience and also earn some cash in process 🤑.

However, it has some long paragraphs and chit-chat that will make you feel bored. But be sure that we have listed reliable substitutes that are available. You just need to choose some best twitch alternatives below that deliver identical functionality as twitch and promote your gaming skills. It’s difficult to find out the best substitute of twitch. But it does not signify that you cannot find out the best alternatives of twitch. Ever since big players like Google and Microsoft joined this so called “Streaming Wars” it has somehow benefited the streamers and also as a result of it nowadays, there are lots of developers launching valid and safe platforms for video game streaming. Here, we are going to talk about some best twitch alternatives for video game streaming. So, keep reading this article.

1. YouTube Gaming

youtube gaming

Everyone is familiar with this name, it’s not difficult to specify where this platform arrives from. YouTube Gaming is essentially like common YouTube. But it mainly centralizes on video games. Youtube Gaming was undertaken by Google, this service is another strong opponent to Twitch and it has over +85Million Subscribers.

And at the same time it comes to be one of the favorable Twitch alternatives to the video game streaming platform. Besides, the services are much more identical to YouTube so you won’t have to face any difficulties when utilizing it and of course there is huge opportunity for money to be made considering the sheer audience and reach of Youtube platform.

2. Facebook Gaming

facebook gaming

When we talk about the best game streaming platforms, Facebook might be the foremost alternative that strikes your mind. But it’s very important to understand that Facebook gaming comes up with necessary skills to offer game streamers with competent streaming. This illustrates that eSport leagues have approved Facebook gaming as one of the formal streaming platform. It helps you to enjoy some best eSport events like Dota 2, ESL One, and many more. You just need your Facebook account and then you are ready to start video game streaming.

3. Periscope


In 2015, Twitter enrolled in the battleground as it acquired Periscope. Periscope is an application that facilitates users to stream live video by using their Android and iOS mobile phones. It is also one of the best alternatives of twitch as it is being used all over the world. It comes up with lots of features along with the live streaming services. By using the Periscope application, users can stream their live videos from their handy and portable devices.

You can also drag the stream video to your Twitter followers in order to win leading membership. Periscope facilitates interactive action as it encourages the observers to connect in real-time.

4. Smashcast


If you want to start with, you can lead the way for Smashcast for video game live streaming. This is one of the best streaming platform which shows off significant integration of HTML5 and JavaScript. This will facilitate you an interactive and user-friendly environment. It offers the best streaming experiences for the gamers in a very modest way, with any grades of skill. Nowadays, Smashcast got merged with the Hitbox and Azubu that is attending to a large number of users comprising of streamers, observers, members, and even game organizers.

Smashcast achieved success in grabbing its own position in people’s hearts. Additionally, Smashcast offers more alternatives for users to stay engaged.

5. UStream


UStream is one of the toughest competitor of Twitch. This streaming platform based out of San Francisco comes up with myriad features, contributing gamers with a lot of comforts. This service has now switched its focus towards cooperate world its services are now used by LinkedIn, Facebook, and even NASA. You can watch export events using this platform. However, Twitch and UStream are playing against with each other, they have various counterparts. This streaming service aids essentially all primary platforms incorporating Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, and PS4.

Note :- No longer used for gaming.

6. Mixer


It is officially well-known as Beam. Mixer is undertaken by the giant tech company, Microsoft. This streaming platform gives more emphasis on gaming, offering passionate gamers with live video streaming facility. Mixer comes up with incredible features that facilitate the viewers to interact. If you are utilizing an SDK, you can incorporate this streaming assistance into games. It surely provides an enhanced significance to the platform.

Update: Microsoft and Fb joined hands in pursuit of their new venture Mixture in hope to woo the gaming community they even had a contract with NINJA on of the top Fortnight player to leave Twitch and join mixer but their strategy did lead to what they were expecting hence mixer is no-more.

Unfortunately it was shutdown on 22July.

7. Mirrativ


Mirrativ is also one of the best alternatives of live video streaming platforms that is mainly utilized for smartphones, particularly Android and iOS. This assistance incorporates social interactions, network sharing, and mobile circulating into a single, universal app. Among the favorable features about Mirrativ is that observers can connect with the streamers whenever they want.

Note :- It is mainly used by Asian community so if you are from Asia you can give this platform a try.

8. Caffeine


Caffeine is another favorable Twitch alternative that allows users to modernize the latest gameplay. Although it’s a modern platform, Caffeine manages to grab it’s position in the people’s heart. Appreciation to the many characteristics that authorize streamers to engage with observers as well as collect more viewers. Also, it helps the users to reveal several broadcasts by other streamers.


We discussed all the best twitch alternatives for streaming with their features and advantages. I hope this content would help you to choose the best twitch alternatives.