How to Install OptiFine In Minecraft - In Minutes [2022 Updated]

How to Install OptiFine In Minecraft – In Minutes [2022 Updated]

Install OptiFine in minecraft

If you are a Minecraft player then you might have heard of Optifine Mod. It is one of the most downloaded and well-known mods in Minecraft Universe. In this article we will not only talk about how to install optifine in Minecraft but we’ll quickly talk about some of the features of this beautiful mod. So no matter what you are looking for you’ll find everything that there is to know about optifine in this article.

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After Installing Optifine Your Game Will Look Somethin Like This 👆. Looks Great Right? 🤩

What is Optifine?

Long story short optifine is Minecraft mod infact it is also one of the most used mod in Minecraft. You can even call it performance enhancer for Minecraft. It optimizes Minecraft graphics for maximum performance in such a way that you will get maximum FPS that your system can produce without any lag, glitch or compromising gaming experience. You will see a sudden improvement in you game environment after installing it and you’ll instantly see how beautify the game has become in comparison to before.

Now that the basics are out of the way we can proceed with the installation process. There are two ways through which you can install optifine mod for your minecraft java edition.

  1. With Standalone Standard Installation.
  2. The JAR file Installation (Requires Forge).

Some Common Question Before Installation.

  • Should You Use Jre File Installation Or Standard Installation?
  • Do You Need Forge To Run Optifine?

Though Optifine works fine without Minecraft Forge but if you are using other mods or will install some in future then I definitely recommend using forge because without forge your other mods with conflict with each other and ultimately your game will crash. That’s the main reason we need forge for it ensures smooth execution of multiple mods to run simultaneously without any error. But if you are going to run just optifine then the Standalone Standard Installation package is more than enough for you.

Although if you choose to use Forge then you wont face any issue because Optifine developer has ensure that it’s perfectly compatible with Forge.

Which Version Of Optifine Should You Choose?

There are three versions of Optifine Available for downloading.

  1. Ultra Version
  2. Standard Version
  3. Light Version

Currently optifine come with 3 variants Ultra, Standard and Light naturally many people choose the Ultra version because it comes with full options of customization and performance-boosting features.

However, i recommend you use this version if you are going to use other versions on mods along with optifine mod. This version is more stable when it comes to working alongside other mods but the only drawback is that you don’t get full set of customization features that are present in Ultra Variant.

The last variant is Light version of optifine this version should be preferred by you if your machine is really old.

Below i will talk about two methods of installing Optifine.

Method 1 :- Standar Installation Without Forge.

Method 2 :- With Forge (Recommended If You Plan To Run Multiple Mods).

Method 1

How To Download And Install Optifine?

Alright now carefully follow the steps written below and after that you’ll have access to the beautiful graphics that you always wanted in Minecraft.

Note :- For this method you dont need forge.

  • Go to Optifine official website and download the latest version from here.
optifine download

Note:- Now before installing it you should know the exact directory of your Minecraft installation i am sure that wont be a problem but still do let me know in comment section if you face any problem.

  • Right click on the setup after downloading from above link. Then a popup screen will open asking you to enter a folder for installation on optifine.
find minecraft directory
  • Click on the button on rite side of your screen with three dots on it. Now navigate to the Minecraft installation directory and select ok.
  • If you face a error message saying that cannot find Minecraft select the directory of installation and your error will be resolved.
cant find minecraft
  • After selecting the correct directory hit on install and wait for few minutes.
  • Go to home and click open your Minecraft Launcher.
minecraft optifine launcher
  • Once laucher is open, hit on ‘Installations’ tab, then hit ‘New’. Then we have to give name to our installation so for the sake of simplicity just name it “optifine”.
optifine installation in launcher
  • Next, click on the Version then a list will open, there you have to select your optifine version. Select the latest ultra version.
  • You can also check out some more advance settings but its better to leave them for now.
  • Finally, hit the Save button and you’re ready to run the mod.
Some Changelogs Of OptiFine 1.16.3_HD_U_G3
 - not working: antialiasing and anisotropic filtering
 - added particle culling
 - updated to 1.16.3
 - compatible with Forge 34.0.0

Method 2

Very soon we will update method 2 here that will feature -” How to install minecraft with forge”.

  1. Is OptiFine Free?

    Absolutely yes it is completely free of cost and you dont have to pay anything for using it.

  2. Does Optifine Reduce Lag And Makes Minecraft Faster?

    Yes, Otitfine dosent just makes your game silky smooth it makes graphics really amazing with customization that normal minecraft don’t have.

  3. Does Optifine Increase FPS?

    Depending upon the machine you are playing your FPS might increase somewhat 30% though some players might even see more than that.

  4. Does Optifine Requires Java?

    No, it does not requires jave to run.

  5. Can Optifine Run Without forge?

    Though Optifine is compatible to run with forge if you choose to run it without forge you wont face any problems unless, your are using multiple mods.