Top 10 Horror Games To Play On Android & IOS | Scary 2023 List

Top 10 Horror Games To Play On Android & IOS | Scary 2023 List

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Not everyone is a fairy tale lover. People sometimes need to feel the essence of being scared, some ominous feeling of not knowing or unknown fear, causing a chill in the spine and giving goosebumps. There are lots of people who love the horror genre more than anything, no matter how scared they feel getting involved in such movies, games, or horror parks, but they still get involved in them to get some other kind of scary yet adventurous feeling. To provide you with such excitement, we bring you the list of the top horror games for Android and iOS devices.

1. Bendy and the Ink Machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine (1)

Once inside the facility, you must proceed stealthily while keeping a close eye on your surroundings since an ink demon is now loose and out to make sure you don’t make it out alive. Bendy and the Ink Machine draws its influence from beloved children’s characters like Mickey Mouse and has you explore a company that previously produced and animated a figure by the name of Bendy.

Another of those Android horror games that keeps getting better the more you understand the backstory is this one, so be sure to pay attention to everything you see around you since it could be useful while looking for a way out!

2. Dead by Daylight


You may play this thrilling cooperative horror game with up to five other players; one of your pals is a murderer who haunts the other four players. Others’ jobs are to stay hidden and catch the murderer. Here, there are spooky surprises and eerie details practically everywhere. The game’s premise is based on the traditional hide-and-seek tale.

Your favorite characters from this game series, like Amanda Young, Mike Meyers Ghost Face, and other enduring figures from the most well-known horror films, may be found in The Dead by Daylight. You have two options for selecting the killer and the survivor at the start of the game: either manually or by utilising a randomizer. The process is the same for picking each character’s powers.

In addition, you may personalize the characters themselves by picking out their attire, accessories, and cosmetics. All of the updated places will wow you with their realistic quality, and the visuals in this game are more than intriguing.

3. Hello neighbor

Hello neighbor

Hello, Neighbor is a grueling journey through a maze of absurd puzzles that places a greater emphasis on thoroughness and perseverance than on cunningness, observation, or inventiveness. From one act to the next, the stealth fluctuates between feeling overly punitive and hardly important. The aggravation was lessened by some creative level design and an obvious knack for making me feel uneasy, but these factors are insufficient for me to advise anyone to put themselves through 15-20 hours of this. I regret not just remaining on my own side of the fence.

4. The baby in yellow

the baby in yellow

Even the most competent nannies would be reluctant to supervise this kid once again. In The Baby in Yellow, you have to do that for five nights back to back without any rest, try not to soil your pants while playing. The infant is initially rather sweet-natured, though its unsettlingly enormous crimson eyes undoubtedly send off some unfavorable signals. You will almost immediately notice something is wrong, and as the nights go on, the baby will show you just how much you are underpaid for this job.

5. Granny


What intensifies the fear in a horror game? What causes the hair on your arms to stand up? Of course, it’s the sound effects! The majority of horror and scary films feature excellent musical compositions, which significantly heightens the fright factor. The same can be said with Granny, which makes use of some of the most frightful audio. In fact, its sound effects are reminiscent of those in scary and suspenseful movies. You may get goosebumps and your Kawai heart will slam your chest out.

The goal of the game is to leave Granny’s house using various objects. Although there are several methods to get away from Granny, there are only five days available, so it is definitely not simple. You must evade Granny’s threat to pursue you and whack you with a bat in addition to hunting for goods.

6. COLINA: Legacy

The COLINA Legacy

The COLINA Legacy In this horror quest, you must play for a young man named Alex. He doesn’t know what transpired or how he got to his grandmother’s house. When Alex woke up, no one from his family was home, and he discovered an empty home. For some reason, his panic increased. Alex had to be quiet after a few rooms because he thought something evil was following him.

Return to Traditional Survival Horror Your only actual weapon is a third-person camera and a flashlight. Attempt to uncover answers to all of Alex’s queries as well as the whereabouts of the main character’s relatives.

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7. Eyes


All by yourself. Nobody can help you, and to make matters worse, you chose to do it. The only thing you need to know about this location is that it was a terrible idea. To uncover all the mysteries tucked away in obscure places, you must have courage and tenacity. You’ll need luck, so good luck. Do you have the guts to take on the vengeful, murderous Krause or the eerie demon Charles? More monsters are waiting for you; this is just the beginning. Gather as many bags of cash as you can while avoiding monsters. You will have an opportunity to complete this problem if, by some miracle, you are able to determine where the threat originated from and what is hiding around the corner.

Explore an abandoned farm’s mysteries, make it through a ghostly hospital, and traverse the halls of a haunted school. You can’t feel secure anyplace since there are traps on every side. Gather the runes, which are painted eyeballs on the walls. They provide you the capacity to see through your opponent’s eyes, enabling you to attempt to anticipate his moves.

8. The ghost

The ghost

We must draw your attention to The Ghost if you wish to play an action game with horror components. The game may be played with up to five players, so you can play it with your friends. If you’re playing as a survivor, your objective is to get away from the area.

You and your buddies will be trapped inside the hospital if you choose it. The main objective in this situation is to get away from the ghost via the garage door. You will be confined to the school in a High School mode.

However, you cannot permit other players to leave the room if you are playing as a ghost. The gameplay of The Ghost is enjoyable. The high school or the New Wishlie Hospital will be the site of your scary yet exciting gameplay.

Figure out what happened to the character’s best buddy and get away from the ghost! As you play, you’ll need to gather a variety of things and complete a tonne of interesting chores. Although the game is mostly produced in gloomy hues, each area and each character have been carefully created. strongly suggested

9. Specimen Zero

Specimen Zero

The last thing you remember before waking up in an unfamiliar location is being abducted. However, something unusual and maybe deadly has transpired in that weird location. You must think up a way to leave. Because all that exists here is death. Discover secret constructions, a horror hospital, weird labs, and unsettling chambers in a vast, ominous area.

To get out from that terrifying location with its terrifying monster, solve puzzles and look for, gather, and use stuff.

Avoid making loud noises and use caution as the monster could hear or see you. Everyone who stands in its way is killed by it! With multiplayer online, elude with your buddies!

If you enjoy terrifying adventure escape games,

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10. Horrorfield multiplayer horror

Horrorfield multiplayer horror

Even die-hard fans of games featuring serial killers will get the chills playing Horrorfield, a multiplayer horror game. You’re in for the spookiest horror experience yet!

Greetings from the top multiplayer game! In the abandoned bunker, there was one terrifying psychopath versus four victims. Find a way for the survivors to escape the mad murderer, or try to catch all the survivors while acting as the terrifying killer.

The psycho’s intention is to find unsuspecting victims in the shadowy maze and kill them.

One crazy is pitted against four survivors in matches, but the murderer is strong and virtually unbeatable. Listen to the screaming and walk in the survivors’ bleeding footsteps. Demonstrate your insane psychotic butchery skills by emulating the terrifying lunatic Jason from a vintage horror slasher. Select a side.

The survivors’ mission is to band together, devise a team plan, and flee the frightening lair where the psychopath reigns. To withstand the crazy killer’s search, you will hide online, rescue pals, and combine various talents and equipment.

Honorable mention:

Identity V

In the asymmetrical horror game Identity V, players can go back in time to the Victorian era. Players will experience a lot of unsettling moments while attempting to uncover the truth, which is more horrible than imagined, thanks to its distinctive visual gothic style and the gloomy tale about a detective trying to collect clues about a missing girl in an abandoned manor estate.