10 Hardest Bosses To Fight In Elden Ring - [Ranked By Difficulty Order]

10 Hardest Bosses To Fight In Elden Ring – [Ranked By Difficulty Order]

Elden Ring Hardest bosses

The game takes place in a vast realm with a violent past. As you journey through the fascinating Lands Beyond, learn the secrets of the Elden Ring’s power. Developed by FromSoftware, Inc. under the supervision of Hidetaka Miyazaki and in partnership with renowned author George R.R. Martin, Elden Ring is a vast fantasy Action-RPG game..

You’ll run into opponents with interesting histories, people who have motives that are different from your own and scary beings.

A conflict that implied the Greater Will had given up. Now that the Tarnished have been banished from the Lands Between after being rejected by the grace of gold, they shall receive the direction of grace. Travel to the Lands Beyond further than the hazy sea, where you will find the Elden Ring. There, you will bow before it as the dead who are still alive display their lost grace.

Massive magical vistas and intricate, interconnecting dungeons may be found in Elden Ring. Explore the gorgeous globe on foot or on horseback, by yourself or online with other players, and become completely engrossed in the verdant plains, oppressive marshes, twisting mountains, ominous castles, and other places of grandeur on an unbelievable scale.

All of Marika’s progeny became demigods, and they all claimed the Great Runes, which were fragments of the Elden Ring. The madness of their newfound power caused a conflict known as The Shattering.

Arise, Dented, and follow grace’s guidance to harness the Elden Ring’s power and ascend to the position of Elden Lord in the Lands Between. There has been a break in the Golden Order. The Erdtree’s source, the Elden Ring, was broken in the Lands Between, which are governed by Queen Marika the Eternal.

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10. Astel, Natural Born of the Void

Astel, Natural Born of the Void (1)

Astel, is one of the hardest Elden ring boss who resembles a Lovecraftian dragon, can unleash a barrage of destructive magic assaults that are both annoying to escape and extremely effective. There aren’t many approaches to this boss battle that will be effective for everyone because this is one of those monsters that has distinctive ways to punish you from a distance and anytime you’re able to come near.

Although it would have been awful to lose to a less intriguing boss as frequently as we did against this one, we are delighted that the battle against him is so cool.

This is really a typical optional Soulsborne monster that lurks in the shadows, waiting to punish anyone who suddenly feels a little too secure in their build.

9. Godfrey, First Elden Lord/Horah Loux, Warrior


But after Godfrey transforms into Horah Loux, Warrior, things become very absurd. Not only can this boss one-shot all but the most resilient builds, he can also unleash devastating AOE strikes, jump at you from a long distance, and deliver substantial frost damage that can swiftly convert into Frostbite.

Because We believe the fight with Godfrey to be challenging yet fair, it was a bit difficult to rate. It’s a difficult encounter, but by that time in the game, the majority of players should be able to overcome it.

In terms of boss battle design, this is a fairly good illustration of the “you haven’t even seen my ultimate form” school.

8. Commander Niall

Commander Niall

Commander Niall is more than tough enough to qualify as one of the game’s hardest bosses on his own, so it’s funny that he feels the need to summon two extremely tough aides as soon as this fight starts. The only thing worse than his intrinsically powerful attack strength and insane defenses is the fact that his hard to time attacks regularly deal a considerable amount of frost damage and lightning damage. It takes a very long time to win this battle. It becomes more likely that you will err as the battle progresses.

When you first face him, this monster doesn’t seem like much, but trust me when we say that for the great majority of Elden Ring players, the battle with Commander Niall will be a hurdle to advancement.

We just can’t emphasize enough how tough this battle is. This fight has a very decent probability of being the one that eventually breaks you if you don’t have a lot of health and good armor.

7. Starscourge Radahn

elden-ring-starscourge-radahn (1)

It was almost as difficult for us to rate this boss battle as it was to attempt to prevail in it. Although so we are conscious that many players believe this to be by far the game’s most challenging combat, we think that some of Elden Ring’s later encounters will eventually lift the bar in terms of overall difficulty.

However, this battle is unquestionably as difficult as you have been told. At least by Soulsborne standards, Radahan will attack you with enormous spears and a hail of arrows as you travel the battlefield in what is essentially a “gimmick” boss encounter. Even if you manage to get close to Radhan while calling in the various NPC allies that you can use to help you in this battle, you’ll find that he’s so fast and has such a huge attack range that he can easily smash you before you ever know how you’re meant to get near enough to him to do any damage.

Oh, but just when you assume you’re finally winning the battle against Radahn, he leaps into the air, transforms into a meteor, smashes nearby, and in some way becomes more difficult to defeat. Radahn will break you no matter when you face him or the sort of character you’ve developed thus far.

6. Mohg, Lord of Blood

Mohg, Lord of Blood (1)

However, let us advise you beforehand that all but a few players will find themselves giggling at the concept that they’re truly supposed to be able to defeat this monster. We’ve already heard some Elden Ring fans claim that this battle isn’t that difficult and can be “cheesed” relatively simply.

Elden Ring’s “Bleed” effects have proven to be incredibly potent, which is excellent news for those using a Bleed build and bad news for those attempting to defeat this monster who can deal out colossal amounts of Bleed damage in so many different ways.

There are a few things you can get that can help this boss battle go a little bit more smoothly, but using them is like using bandages to fix a broken leg. Even though this enemy has access to an almost inevitable ability that rapidly drains most of your health, the battle itself is not very difficult.

Though We truly appreciate how this fight is structured on such a singular principle, the thought of ever having to face this boss again makes me dreadful.

5. Crucible Knight Ordovis

Crucible Knight Ordovis boss fight Elden Ring

The struggle against Crucible Knight Ordovis and his comrade Crucible Knight demonstrates why duo boss fights are frequently among the hardest bosses in Elden Ring and why two monsters are nearly always more difficult than one.

This boss fight has been likened to the well-known Dark Souls confrontation with Ornstein and Smough, although we believe it to be far worse than all but a few of those pair bouts. These individuals know how to attack you in concert, are ridiculously tough, and are deceivingly swift, making it nearly impossible to land safe strikes on them.

Despite the fact that dealing with even one of these aggressive knights is usually challenging enough, Elden Ring is not the milder and gentler FromSoftware game some fans would have you think it to be.

4. Radagon of the Golden Order/Elden Beast

Radagon of the Golden Order Elden Beast (1)

No matter where you are in the game at the time, the fight against Radagon and the Elden Beast will undoubtedly put you to the test. Sometimes the final boss battles in Soulsborne games don’t live up to the countless boss battles that came before them.

In terms of mechanics, Radagon is a rather simple monster that happens to strike quite hard and frequently unleash annoying AOE attacks that may instantly put an end to you and frustrate even the best-laid strategies. Even the greatest and most devoted Elden Ring players have been known to rage quit and (at least briefly) leave the game when Radagon transforms into the Elden Beast in phase two. The Elden Beast is a huge beast with the capacity to create an almost continual stream of AOE abilities.

Although one of these battles would have been deserving of serving as the game’s final confrontation, the need that you defeat both of these enemies simultaneously makes it one of the trickiest ones in FromSoftware history.

3. Godskin Duo

Godskin Duo

There’s no way to discuss the hardest bouts in Elden Ring without including the Godskin Duo, and we don’t even want to explain this fight’s existence by mentioning it.

We absolutely despise this fight. In all honesty, it’s a poorly thought out and cheap encounter that necessitates the employment of every cheap trick in your toolbox to defeat. It still merits a spot on this list, though.

you are only given a precious few seconds to concentrate on each of these already formidable opponents, and you are frequently forced to fend off their deadly pair assaults, which take up most of the little area you are required to fight them in. You battle two bosses that share a health bar in the Godskin Duo encounter. The joke in this situation is that one boss always brings back the other one practically shortly after they “die.”

2. Beast Clergyman/Maliketh The Black Blade

Maliketh The Black Blade (1)

It would be disrespectful to classify the boss fight against Maliketh as anything other than one of the toughest in Elden Ring, even though the Beast Clergyman portion of it is difficult enough to merit a lower ranking on this list.

Maliketh has the ability to fly across the arena in a manner that may be quite challenging to keep track of. When he lands, he often strikes you with blows that not only instantly kill you but also deplete your health even if you manage to survive them. The only way to defeat him is to master your defensive strategies and develop a fondness for the brief moments when you might really be able to cause this boss some harm.

The fact that this fight is actually pretty “balanced” is what’s most amazing. This fight is all about honing your timing and knowing the patterns, which is precisely what a challenging Soulsborne boss fight should entail.

1. Malenia, Blade of Miquella/Malenia, Goddess of Rot

malenia 2nd phase

The conflict with Malenia could be the most difficult boss fight of Elden Ring, FromSoftware has ever designed. It’s not hyperbole to say that. In fact, I’d even venture to argue that this conflict may already be over.

You did hear me correctly. Every time Malenia successfully completes an attack—and she will successfully complete many attacks—a sizable amount of her health is restored. This is the one lady in the game that we truly think the majority of gamers will never be able to defeat. Some of the very greatest Elden Ring players have spent days attempting to defeat this fight.

Malenia can easily destroy 99 percent of Elden Ring players because of her tremendous speed and anime-inspired attack patterns, but even the most ardent FromSoftware fans will find it difficult to deal with the reality that Malenia can really heal herself with each strike.

Although it’s not strictly necessary, defeating Maleania without taking damage is essentially what you’ll need to accomplish if you ever want to defeat this boss. I applaud the Elden Ring team for taking on this risk and respectfully request that they never consider creating a tyrant like Malenia again.