How To Buy $GARI Coin - Chingari Crypto Token [2023 Updated]

How To Buy $GARI Coin – Chingari Crypto Token [2023 Updated]

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India, with more and more people adopting crypto currency worldwide India has emerged has one of the top crypto owning countries in the world. According to some reports there are approximately over 100Million crypto users in India. Investing in NFT, Coins and using blockchain products. Its no wonder that almost everyone who knows about bitcoin in interested in buying it or some other coin.

Finally with talks of bitcoin doubling from 60k the entertainment industry is taking interest in crypto world. When everyone is ready to ride the bull run and make insane gains Chingari an Indian short video platform with over 50 million has launched its own digital token named $GARI. The GARI coin was launched by none other that Bollywood’s own Dabang Salman Khan. So quickly let know about Chingari Coin and how to can buy GARI coin.

What is Gari Token?

$GARI is India’s first crypto token which was launched by Salman Khan in partnership with Chingari, A micro video platform. Its a peer-to-peer ecosystem that governs the GARI asset, directly linking creators and users. Along with Chingari coin the platform will also feature a NFT place where you can but unique NFT from Salman Khan and other creators.

$Gari token is build on Solana blockchain a one of the top crypto projects in the words. Solana is a public blockchain platform. It is open-source and decentralized, with consensus achieved using proof of stake and proof of historySource Wiki

Earlier this month company has announced that they have raised 19Million Dollar in offer of token sale to the investors.

GARI Token Price Prediction & Maximum Supply

Currently the token is not listed on major coin exchanges and coincapmarket is showing the $GARI token is unlisted and the token has a maximum supply of 100 Billion. The price of 1 $GARI coin may range from 19 to 26 rupees. If you decide to buy the token you will have to keep the tokens in your wallet for almost 12-17 months because there is locking period on the ICO token sale. Which means you wont be able to sell them during this period.

CoinAmountLock PeriodUSD INR
$GARI1 COIN365 Days$0.36026.88
$GARI1 COIN540 Days$0.25418.96

It is too early to comment anything on the price of GARI buy one this is for sure, if chingari can attract their users in using the coin its value will surely shoot up or one might say TO THE MOON 🚀.

How To Earn GARI Token?

This token can be earned through chingari app and its initial ICO is offered on Republic. Below we have written in details about how you can purchase $gari token. Users will be able to earn tokens from using the app itself. You can earn coins for making engagements in the application. Every time you make videos on chingari you will earn some tokens that later on can be redeemed in exchange of INR.

Should You Buy Chingari Coin?

We personally think that you should not miss out on this opportunity because since last year crypto has made more millionaire than any other business and who might know that your 100$ investment could turn into a 1000$ in just 1 year. If you have the money go for it because i think as more people start using it the price will definitely go up.

How To Buy Chingari Token IDO – [ Outdated Method ]

$gari token is available on republic website and later on you can buy it other major exchanges of India like CoinDCX, Coinswitch etc. Right now you can participate in the ICO Initial Coin Offering of the token and the minimum amount which you can invert is 100$ or 7,463₹. Below i will tell you complete process through which you can easily but the $gari token.

Note :- This option of buying token is not longer available read below for buying information.

buy gari token
Buy gari Token
  • STEP 4 – Click on Invert In Gari Button.
buy chingari token
  • STEP 5 – Now enter the amount that you wish to invest. (Note enter amount less that 3000$ or 2,23,873 INR. If you want to invest more look for this step.
  • STEP 6 – Verify your identity.
  • STEP 7 – Create a account on BITPAY.
  • STEP 8 – After that you can either receive crypto from your other wallet or purchase new coins using your debit or credit card.
  • STEP 9 – Once the funds are in your wallet make the payment of Republic using your BITPAY wallet.
  • STEP 10 – Enter your receiving Wallet Address.
  • STEP 11 – You should see the coins in your wallet.

NOTE – For making a receiving wallet address read this guide. Make Wallet For $GARI coin.

How To Gari Coin In 2022 – [ Working Method ]

The coin was initially launched in 2021 for IDO where you have to invest at least 100$ for participation now, finally the wait is over and you can buy the GARI$ coin from major exchanges including 6 “CEXs, Huobi, FTX, KuCoin,, Okex, and MEXC Global.

Gari token will officially launch on these exchanges on 18 January on 13:00 UTC and if you have an existing account on any of these platforms then you an but the token.

Note Before Buying Gari Token

Although the application is having 100 Million downloads on social media chingari is trying to ride on the crypto wave so we suggest you to take caution before buying the token on very fist day. You should at least see how the price movement goes then when the coin reaches a stable price you can try to hold it for longer terms. Though this is not a financial advice. Stay safe.

  1. Where can I buy GARI Token?

    You can buy Gari Token from these major exchanges.1.CEXs2.Huobio3.FTX4.KuCoin5Gate.io6.MEXC Global

  2. What is GARI Token?

    Gari is a cryptocurrency which is developed by Indian short social media app Chingari. Currently chingari has more than 100Million Downloads on playstore.