How To Boost FPS In All Games - Laptop & Pc 2023

How To Boost FPS In All Games – Laptop & Pc 2023

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What is low FPS, and what causes it?

In a video game, FPS is the unit of dimensions of the edge pace. The higher the FPS in your laptop, the better the game performance. Even the best of laptops sometimes face the problem of low FPS. There are numerous methods you can boost your fps and system performance.

We will discuss the cause of low FPS too. Periodically, when your computer doesn’t have sufficient control or memory, it doesn’t run correctly. There could be many reasons for it, like inadequate RAM, an outdated CPU version, and many more. There are various ways to boost different PC’s performance. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Update graphic and video drivers:

update your graphic card driver
update your graphic card driver

There are several videos and graphic drivers that have an update available. Many manufacturers like Intel and AMD keep updating new versions of their graphic cards. They do so you don’t switch over to another company and give you a better experience.

You can download it from the maker’s website with the instructions there. You can also make sure your auto-update is switched-on, so you don’t always have to check for updates.

2. Matter of Resolutions:

use recommended resolution
Use recommended resolution

Higher solutions improve the number of pixels that your graphics card ought to have, lowering your FPS virtually. Preferably, it would be better if you operate games at a comparable resolution as your screen. Nonetheless, if you are trying to maintain adequate FPS even in the wake of diminishing your additional game sets, you might require to facilitate your screen resolutions.

Multiple games have the prospect to do this in their video settings option. If you want a good gaming experience, you will have to make sacrifices in the graphic department.

3. Modify the in-game settings:

games settings optimization
games settings optimization

You can change many in-game settings to enhance your online game performance. Most games will have specific settings that you can change by level: ultra, high, medium, low, etc. The settings you can change are graphics. You can reduce the texture, lighting, shadows, etc. That will give your game a less life-like effect but increase your FPS.

4. Get FPS booster software:

120 fps booster
120 fps booster

FPS pro software builds up your frame rate in games, although assuming you’ve just found a way to streamline your FPS by various strategies, you probably won’t see much of a contrast. All that gaming improvement software can manage is stopping or dialing down some processes, unlocking the power for your game. You can understand that it won’t make a lot of difference.

However, it will create enough difference that you can play without trouble. There are many FPS boosters available online. Choose wisely. Look at its competitors and only go for the finest and most well-known organizations. You should not choose a cheap champion and regret it later.

5. Remove Less Used Programs:

uninstall-unnecessary programs-on-win11
uninstall-unnecessary programs-on-win11

Many applications on your PC run background activities and reduce the performance of your game. You should check for these applications and remove them from your laptops or computers. You can also uninstall apps you don’t usually use and clear storage. There are

even apps to clean your computers of bloatware for you. Could you take a look at such apps and use them?


Now that you know the problems you faced in your games were due to less FPS, you can change it. These solutions mentioned in this article are a few tricks that can help you.

However, if you use these tricks, it will guarantee it will work. When you know the problem, it is easier to find the solution. Nevertheless, you don’t have to bother about it, as we have encountered it for you.