6 Best PC Games Right Now - [AAA Titles Only]

6 Best PC Games Right Now – [AAA Titles Only]

best pc games right now

PC gaming has taken the world by storm, primarily owing to the situation that the pandemic has put us in. Holed up in our houses with the minimal social movement, more and more people have turned to games for self-amusement. Now, when it comes to gaming, there are different categories to choose from. You can opt for graphics-based gaming, or live virtual escape rooms, or even online versions of good-old board games. But among all these choices, PC gaming has managed to dart ahead thanks to its ease of accessibility.  

PC gaming is convenient, inclusive, and diverse. Whether you are at home and need a break or taking some time off in the office, they are readily available for your pleasure. Apart from the actual game-playing, virtual interaction with co-players in real-time is also a source of entertainment and comfort for most gamers.  

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top pc games
Pc Games

The growing popularity of PC gaming has also prompted the boom of live streaming content. People are not only deriving pleasure from playing the games themselves but also through watching others play it for hours on end.  

Something that has this strong of a hold on the global market obviously comes with an innumerable number of options as well. No matter the genre or style, you can find hundreds of PC games that fit your requirements, like a tailor-made tux. To help bring down the confusion, we have assembled a list of the 6 best PC games of 2021.   

 1. The Witcher 3

the witcher 3 review
The witcher 3

Wild Hunt: Though this game was released in 2015, it still remains a textbook definition of a perfect action RPG and one of the best pc game ever made. The breathtaking graphics and well-designed characters are a treat to any gamer. The objectives of the game range from helping villagers with little things to fighting multi-beasts. The game also has new installments coming in now and then to keep you glued to your screen for longer than non-gamers would consider “healthy”- whatever that means.    

2. Half-Life: Alyx

half life alyx
half life alyx

Many were indeed skeptical about the integrity and richness of this game when it first was released for VR only. But once people gave in and bought it, the opinions flipped pretty quickly.  The game has insane shooting and excellent graphics. Additionally, the storyline is well-rounded, with great emotional touches that connect gamers to the plot at a deeper level. Even the VR itself is one of the best of its kind. For those who are looking for the best of both worlds in terms of VR and PC gaming, Half-Life: Alyx is a choice you will never regret.

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3. FIFA 2022

fifa 22
fifa 22

Now, who doesn’t like some FIFA to spice up their life? It is no exaggeration to say that “a casual round of FIFA” does not exist. The immaculate gameplay sucks you in so bad that there is no way you cannot get even a little bit competitive about it. The game comes in both online and offline modes, and you can have fun playing PRO clubs or regular games.   

Among its many features, the game has two distinctive features that take the cake. The first one, division rivals, is basically where you build an ultimate team and play with other players online. The second feature, FUT champs, is where players choose their best possible team and have limited games to earn a good amount of champion ranks and rewards with red picks.  

FIFA has dominated the football gaming space for over a decade now, and by the looks of it, it won’t be stepping down anytime soon.    

4. Life is strange: True Colors


Who remembers the good ol’ life is a strange series? True Colors continues the same storyline with the protagonist still retaining their powers. In this game, you are Alex Chen, the sister of a deceased man, and you use your powers to control the emotions of people around you. You can even use it to manipulate other people’s emotions to get answers quickly.  

5. Football manager 2022

football manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 is just the newly released version of the football manager games, a genre people can’t seem to get enough of. Just like FIFA, these games release on a yearly basis taking into account all of the activity that has taken place in the transfer market.  

The best part about the game is the interactive interface, player ratings, and yearly performance-based assessments. Unlike most other football games, here, the player rating is not stagnant. As you play them more, they grow and equal their potential based on the in-game performance.      

6. Valorant

Released in 2020, this game still has casual and competitive players amazed by its development and engagement. Gamers have described it as more of a combination of overwatch and CS-GO- a perfect blend of agent abilities and trigger discipline. Strategy is key to winning in Valorant. 


You and your team of 4 other people choose your respective agents and, throughout the 13 rounds, work together to beat the opposition of five. The game basically encourages you to communicate with your team about strategy in terms of positioning, sites, player info, and much more.   

And that concludes our list of the top games you must try in the years 2021 as well as 2022. From single-player interactive games to team missions, from episodic storylines to no storyline at all, these PC games sure do have all the bases covered.   

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Health Benefits of Games

While we are on the topic of gaming, it is necessary to touch upon the mental health aspect of this popular activity and its dubious effects. On the one hand, games are a way to unplug from reality and immerse your senses in pure entertainment. But on the other hand, it can often lead to a severe addiction issue, defeating its original purpose of relaxation and mindfulness. There is a reason why behavioral scientists and psychologists advise against gaming for long hours, especially games that are highly competitive or have violence involved. The more you feed your brain these stressful images, the faster gaming becomes a problem rather than a recreation.  

But when done in moderation, games can also uplift a person in different aspects. Let us take a look at the positive influences of gaming on individuals:  

Increased brain activity: 

Any of the above games require you to approach obstacles with caution and prior planning, actively engaging your brain’s grey matter. Grey matter is related to abstract human components such as memories, spatial navigation, and perception. So, mindful gaming can actually help strengthen your cognition.  

Problem Solving: 

Any mission-based game requires you to solve problems effectively to clear the levels. This repetitive pattern provides you with a simulated version of real-life situations where you might need to think and act quickly. Games effectively hone your decision-making skills by helping you learn the soft skills of prioritization and time management as well.  

Alternative Learning: 

There are hundreds of games out there based on a storyline involving history, chemistry, math, or other educational subjects. What’s great about learning with gaming is that most games of this kind are not trying to be outright educational. They just happen to include trivia, facts, and tidbits of interesting subjects in the storyline, allowing a subtle internalization of knowledge, often at a subconscious level.  


Lastly, gaming is an excellent exercise of patience and perseverance. A failed level does not mean you quit the game. You keep trying until you succeed. This builds a fighting mindset in individuals that comes to the surface even in real-life scenarios. If you can hold on to the attitude, not only will you find it much easier to face defeats, but getting back on your feet will also become a cakewalk. 


So, we saw the many faces of PC games in this article- from online to VR to offline versions, with widely different thematic settings and gameplays. But one thing that remains constant among all these variants is the qualitative aspect of PC gaming. They are easy to understand, quickly accessible, and create an avenue of communication and socialization, especially for people who struggle with striking up conversations. 

Gaming has opened up a whole new worldview to people. It has enabled individuals to feel like a part of a community, bridged the gap in day-to-day interactions, and also engendered an alternative economy surrounding its many evolving aspects. According to the projection of Valuates Reports, the size of the gaming market is going to reach USD 39,8950 Million by 2026, from USD 19,2150 Million in 2019. With these numbers in mind, it is safe to assume that in the coming years, we are about to witness many more revolutionary developments in gaming in all areas, including PC platforms.