21 Hottest ingame Characters.

21 Hottest ingame Characters.

Yes, we will include hotties from the Summertime Saga as well in this list of the hottest ingame characters. I don’t know much about what people consider hot, but for me, it’s when I look at some character pics and tell myself, “Damn”.

I will only add characters from games with which I have personal experience. That being said, the list might only consist of characters from 3 games and a few animes that have in-game characters.

So here is the list of 21 hottest ingame characters that we made for you.

1. Hottest ingame character-Sett

Sett_0 (1)
The boss sett

Sett is the hottest in-game character in the League of Legends universe, in our opinion. He seems to be Jojo’s bizarre, inspired character, who is 14 to 16 years old, punches hard, and his Japanese voice lines are at the top.

Sett became the boss of Ionia’s expanding criminal underworld after the conflict with Noxus.

Sett started as a lowly fighter in the Navori battle pits, but he swiftly rose to fame for his ferocious power and his capacity to withstand unending punishment.

After rising through the ranks of neighborhood fighters, Sett now rules over the pits he formerly battled in.

2. Hottest ingame character-Lara croft

lara croft

The star of the Tomb Raider franchise is Lara Croft.

Lara Croft, who made her video game debut in 1996 with Core Design, has amassed enormous fame and is regarded by many as one of the most iconic, significant, and impactful video game characters of all time.

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Tank tops, shorts, socks, and combat boots are often Lara’s go-to outfit choices. often in a color pattern of blue and brown.

Lara keeps her hair up in a braid or ponytail almost always. Nevertheless, she always dresses the front differently. Typically, two pistols and a shotgun have been Lara’s go-to weapons.

An English archaeologist, tomb raider, and treasure seeker by the name of Lara Croft. Lara, who was raised in an aristocratic household, typically finds th

3. Hottest ingame character-Natalya

natalya aov 2022

Natalya from the aov aka arena of valor is among the sexiest female character you can find in the game.

She is a host to some parasite passed down in their generations of the family due to some curse.

4. Hottest ingame character-Janna


Janna is an old and enigmatic wind spirit who has come to guard Zaun’s exiles. While she usually manifests as a calming wind or a fierce storm, she may also take the appearance of an ethereal figure who comforts the oppressed.

Janna has seen the development and disintegration of civilizations throughout the ages. She perseveres despite everything and serves as a ray of hope for others who are in need.

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5. Hottest ingame character-Miss Fortune

miss fortune

Sarah Fortune, a Bilgewater captain renowned for her beauty but despised for her ferocity, stands out among the seasoned criminals of the port city. She saw the reaver king Gangplank slaughter her family when she was a little girl.

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Years later, she savagely exacted revenge by blowing up his flagship while he was still on board. Those who undervalue her will encounter a seductive and unpredictable foe… and perhaps a gunshot or two in the stomach.

6. Hottest ingame character-Nidalee


Nidalee, a great tracker who was raised in the thickest jungle, has the ability to transform into a vicious cougar at any time. She violently guards her area from any intruders with well-placed traps and skilled spear throws, being neither entirely human nor totally animal.

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The fortunate few who survive tell tales of a wild lady with razor-sharp reflexes and even sharper claws who cripples her prey before pouncing on them in feline form.

7. Hottest ingame character-Ivy


Ivy has become as one of the franchise’s most known and iconic characters since her debut, largely as a result of her snake sword, huge breasts, tight attire, and silver hair.

Her trademark looks include bob-length hair and asymmetrical bangs that conceal her left eye. Ivy is frequently seen with crimson eye makeup and dark lipstick.

8. Hottest ingame character-Kitana

kitana (1)

The Mortal Kombat fighting game series’ Kitana character made her début in Mortal Kombat II.

Despite being 10,000 years old, Princess Kitana is regarded as young in her home country of Edenia and seems to be a young woman. She gained a lot of prominence throughout the years, first as Shao Kahn’s devoted stepdaughter, then as his foe.

She was a cold, haughty, and merciless assassin who faithfully served Shao Kahn before joining the Earthrealmers.

However, after meeting Raiden and Liu Kang, this façade started to give way to a more compassionate, generous, and honorable character.

This resulted in Sindel, her now-corrupted mother, killing her and turning becoming one of Quan Chi’s revenants. Kitana and Liu Kang succeeded Quan Chi as emperor and empress of the Netherrealm.

The reincarnations of Kitana and Liu Kang are enlisted by Kronika in Mortal Kombat 11 in her attempt to reset time, aiding her in her schemes to obliterate Raiden from existence.

Due to Kronika’s ambitions, a younger Kitana and a number of other Kombatants are summoned in the present

9. Hottest ingame character-Yenna

yena aov

Murad’s wife is the Crescent Maiden, Yena from Aov, her figure seems to be designed based on Egyptian dancers

10. Hottest ingame character-Senna


Senna joined the Sentinels of Light, a holy order, after being cursed as a child to be tormented by the mystical Black Mist.

She bravely fought the Black Mist, only to be slain and have her soul imprisoned in a lantern by the ruthless wraith Thresh.

Senna learnt how to manipulate the Mist within the lantern, and she refused to give up and emerged to a new existence, permanently altered.

She is attempting to put a stop to the Black Mist by causing it to turn against itself. With each blast from her relic weapon, she is saving the souls trapped inside.

11. Hottest ingame character-Karma


No mortal embodies Ionia Crest’s spiritual practices. More so than Karma Karma, Ionia. She is the physical representation of an old soul that has lived many lives and been reborn several times.

She has been endowed with a power that few people can fully grasp. Even though she is aware that peace and harmony may only be possible at a high cost—to both her and the place she cherishes most—she has done her best to lead her people during recent times of turmoil.

12. Hottest ingame character-Tifa Lockhart final fantasy

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa’s clothing was made to allow her freedom of movement because she prefers unarmed combat. Her miniskirt was described as being “very short” and exposing her to “a significant degree.”

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When Nomura first debated between wearing pants or a miniskirt, he sent sketches around the workplace, with most people favoring the miniskirt. Later entrants would use it as a stable for her backup outfits.

13. Hottest ingame character-Veres

veres aov

A sexy assassin warrior character from the arena of valor, based on Evelynn concept from league of legends. She is a disciple of Quillin, who is another top-class assassin of an assassin organization.

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14. Hottest ingame character-Malenia


Malenia was born to Queen Marika, the Elden Lord Radagon’s wife. Miquella was the name of her twin. Malenia and Miquella were both born empyreans, implying that they may one day succeed their mother as the deities of a new age.

Both siblings were born cursed since Radagon and Marika were actually the same person.

Malenia suffered from the Scarlet Rot, which would consume her from the inside and cause her to lose her many limbs, but Miquella was doomed to an endless childhood and would never be able to reach adulthood.

15. Hottest ingame character-Roxxy

roxxy summertime saga

If you have played summertime saga, the most iconic cross-platform adult game most famous on mobile, you know who roxxy is, hottest girl of the game and girl friend of the main protagonist basically you the protagonist.

Roxanne, sometimes known as Roxxy, attends the same school as the main character. She is Clyde’s cousin and Crystal’s daughter.

Teenage Roxxy has a large bosom, beautiful blonde hair, and blue eyes.

She usually wears a grey hot pant and a tight pink tank top that just about conceals her dark purple bra. Her undergarments and nail polish are the same color.

She completes her look with a scarlet bracelet, silver earrings, and a navel piercing.

16. Hottest ingame character-Bella

bella sisterly lust (1)

Bella is a character from sisterly lust with a temperament. black classic hair with grey eyes and fair smooth skin.

17. Hottest ingame character-Poison street fighter


Poison has long pinkish-purple hair and is dressed skimpily, showing off her stomach in a white tank top, tight denim “Daisy Dukes” cut-off shorts, high heels, and a black peak hat with a chain-link motif.

She also wears a set of handcuffs dangling from the chain around her waist, a studded black collar on her neck, and a chain around her waist.

The video game antagonist Poison first appeared in the brawler Final Fight as a common foe. Later, starting with Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, she would enter the Street Fighter series in a non-playable role.

Additionally, she can be played in Street Fighter V. She used to be a member of the Mad Gear Gang and is Hugo’s buddy and manager.

She is far more interested in uncovering historical mysteries and discovering things that are thought to be nonexistent.

18. Hottest ingame character-Liza

liza in sisterly lust (1)

Liza, the trusting oldest girl, a bit naive. an ingame character from a very famous adult game sisterly lust. Blonde hair, large brown eyes and a nice figuire.

19. Hottest ingame character-Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Aensland (1) (1)

Given that she is a succubus, Morrigan may be termed many things, but despite her origins as a Makai realm demon, she is not genuinely bad. Instead, she is beautiful, seductive, confident, pompous, and amusing.

The fictitious Morrigan Aensland appears in the Darkstalkers video game series. In Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, she first made an appearance (Vampire: The Night Warriors in Japan).

Together with Demitri Maximoff, she serves as a key protagonist and an anti-hero. According to the canon of the television show, Morrigan’s father, Belial Aensland, divided her strength into three.

A portion of this power would be discovered later in the events of Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire, Jedah Dohma, who would give it a body as Lilith..

20. Hottest ingame character-Mai Shiranuyi

Mai Shiranuyi1

A character from the Fatal Fury series is Mai Shiranui (不知火しらぬい 舞まい). She made her acting debut in Fatal Fury 2 as Andy Bogard’s girlfriend and the final Shiranui ninja heiress.

She also makes an appearance in practically every game in the King of Fighters series, with the exception of KOF XII. Mai Shiranui, King and Yuri Sakazaki are among those who founded the Women Fighters Team.

21. Hottest ingame character-Sivir


Sivir is a well-known treasure hunter and mercenary commander who operates in Shurima’s deserts. She has fought and triumphed in numerous fights with her famed jeweled cross blade for those who can afford her high price.

She is renowned for her fierce tenacity and unending ambition, and she takes great satisfaction in finding hidden treasures in the dangerous tombs of Shurima in exchange for a hefty reward.

Sivir finds herself pulled between opposing destinies as ancient powers rattle the very foundations of Shurima.

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