Buying Video Games Controller or Gamepads For Pc? - Read This First

Buying Video Games Controller or Gamepads For Pc? – Read This First

Game-Controllers for pc

The use of a controller can improve performance in most of the online games. A controller in your pc can help you to increase your chances of better scoring and thrill. Though conventional methods like playing with mouse and keyboard are still in process, the use of a controller has its charm. You can play games and puzzles on your mobile by Touch Pal, but every game comes with specific gamepads. The reason for is the fact that the installation of the controller in your PC is the requirement for playing tricky online video games. You’ll feel much comfortable with two dual analogue sticks under your fingers instead of the mouse to play any online video game from steam, bill izard or

How To Choose The Right controller For Your PC?

Every game has specific techniques and requirements to play. Likewise, every PC has its capacity of installation according to the version of it. You can choose the best controller or gamepad for you PC depending upon your taste, interest, budget and particularly the type of games you like to play. All these factors, along with your PC information, will help you to choose the best controller for it. Here is the description of different gaming controllers that you can have to play a pro online video game.

Xbox, play station or switch pro controller can be best suitable for Nintendo. Gamepads can be linked to your PC for saying these kinds of games. These controllers are excellent and comfortable to play with, especially regarding fighting games. They are of good quality, rigid and compact. Buy the controller or gamepad by matching its compatibility with your computer. These controllers are a bit expensive. There cost range is from 60 to 70 Dollars but they worth it.

The wireless controller of Xbox can be used with your PC by connecting its plug into the USB port. Any controller of Xbox of the older version can be used for playing online video games on your PC. You need to connect that controller with your PC via Bluetooth. More than once controller at a time can be plugged in your PC. The limit to be found is up to 8. You can connect it Xbox wireless adopter. It costs nearly 25 dollars. But it doesn’t require Bluetooth or USB plug connection.

PS4’s gamepad

ps4 gamepad

PS4’s gamepad or controller can work with your PC by connecting it through USB or Bluetooth. These can be quoted tricky and challenging to deal. Sometimes your PC can’t identify them directly. You need to download some software’s like DS4windows to have access to these PS4s game controllers.


Nintendo gamepad

A powerful and thrilling gamepad that can work on your Gaming PC best is Nintendo switch joy con’s switch pro controller. These are comfortable to move in each direction and can give you the ultimate game full of thrill and excitement. You can move it here and there in every direction. It’s not that hard and easy to handle. You can play online wresting games with dedication and passion like real by the use of these game controllers.

Third-party controller

ps4 3rd party controller

Suppose you can’t afford that expensive game controller. You can look for a third-party game Controllers option. They are similar in function but different in quality. You can get the 6p to 70 Dollars, expensive game controllers, in 20 to 30 dollars if you go for third party gamepads option. They are right to play and are comfortable. They differ in softness and quality, but it’s not a bad option if you have a budget shortage. They are inexpensive and have good reviews or ratings. Most of the students and youngsters prefer third-party game controllers as they have a passion for playing, but they can’t afford original controllers.

Power, A enhanced wired controller, is a third-party option as the replacement of Xbox gamepads. They are designed in that particular pattern that they suit best with the PC 10 as an alternative of Xbox game controllers. They cost 3o dollars but can’t get connected without a USB port. The original ones have the option of wireless connection, but these can only be used via USB port connection. It has all other features including rumble, analogue stick, direction controller, face button and trigger.

Custom gaming controllers 

Custom pc controllers are the best option for those youngsters who own craze and passion for playing online games. They’re expensive. Companies like scuff, controller chaos and Evil controllers modify the gamepad of Xbox and PlayStation according to your desire. They provide customized game controllers by applying advance electronic tricks and mechanics. They adjust the analogue accor3to your choice like a convex or concave. The trigger can be altered long or short. The pattern and design, along with the colour of your controller, can be of your choice. It can add more charm to your gaming time and activity.

Racing wheels

Racing wheels are another advance gaming wheels that can help you to have a real fun of driving a car by turning the wheel. The wheel gets connected to your PC, and you can have a pleasure of the drive. Most of the crazy youngsters having a deep passion for driving and racing games love these kinds of controllers instead of boring stick usage for turning the car. These wheels can be modular specific, expensive and unique to find in the market.


Online gaming controllers and gamepads are available in a variety of forms and type. The only thing you need to ponder over is your requirement and capacity. Selection of a suitable gaming controller is—a critical decision. Always think and ponder over the facts. Especially the version and window of your Pc. Your budget and the type of game you like to play. Then find out what kind of gaming you are considering. It will help you to select the right gaming controllers for your pc. 

Other things, like the model and choice of customization, come after that. There are essential to advance the level of gaming controllers available in the market. The price range of the gaming controllers begins from 20 dollars, and it leads up to 70 dollars. You can have a challenging and straightforward gamepad to the most advance, comfortable and classic one. It all depends upon your budget and passion for playing online video games.