Download GTA 5 APK + OBB for Android [No Verification] Official App

Download GTA 5 APK + OBB for Android [No Verification] Official App

gta 5 for android

Grand Theft Auto 5 a game published and developed by Rockstar Games, a game that changed the perspective of Open World gaming. This game is literally one of those games where, even words can’t describe how good it is and now you can enjoy GTA V apk for android in your mobile device.

GTA 5 and its predecessors have been the highlight of gaming for everyone’s childhood and teenage years. Getting to know what “Real Power” taste’s like is till date a different experience. With each new game, the GTA franchise got more realistic in graphics and far more futuristic in it’s gameplay.

But what if I tell you that we can play the same GTA 5 on Android device as well. The Game has not been released officially for Android OS, but because of our growing demands; the gaming community of modders was successfully able to MOD the game and set the requirements right for Android OS.

Although it was stipulated that Rockstar Games did make the game available for Android OS in Beta version, but it was not a big hit back when it was released. Also let me clear this in the beginning that our GTA 5 Download APK file requires no verification and it is 100% working.


GTA 5 Apk is very demanding on both PC and Mobile devices, henceforth; it is advised, that the user has a top of the line Android Device for a safer gaming experience. The best part about this version is that the user doesn’t have to root their device; the game is ready for use after completing the steps mentioned below.

Before we get to the steps, these are the System requirements to run GTA 5 APK and OBB on your Android Device.

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Minimum Requirements For Running GTA 5 On Android

Game NameGrand Theft Auto 5
DeveloperRockstar Games
Size of the Game1.7 GB
Android Version Required5.0+
RAM Required1 GB+
Space Required2 GB

Download GTA 5 APK and OBB data


The links provided below will help you download GTA V APK and OBB data for GTA 5. Once the required files are downloaded for the game, please follow the article on how to allocate the files.

APK for GTA 5 Android.

OBB data for GTA 5 Android.

How To Download & Install GTA 5 OBB On Android

Step1 -Once GTA V APK files mentioned above have been downloaded, the user has to run the installation of the APK file,

Step2 – This will create a folder in the Android data files with the name of GTA 5 APK. Then the user has to copy the GTA 5 OBB data file from download section and place it in the GTA 5 file folder.

Step3 – Once this process is complete the user can run GTA 5 successfully.

Step4 – It is necessary not to run the game after installing the APK file, this is because the main data of the game is inside the OBB data file; and running the game without extracting the OBB data file into the APK file folder will corrupt the game.

Step5 – It is essential to install the OBB file as it contains the entire graphics, missions and all the developer created files that let you enjoy the game to it’s full extent.

Step 6 – Enjoy the game. 😊

Gta 5 No Verification Apk Download For Android

Most of the websites online are giving the download link of GTA V after you complete a verification process but here at 60fps we are giving you completely free download link. There are no ads and popups and you can easily download the game with just one click.

So easily download GTA 5 No Verification apk 100% working apk form our site and enjoy the game in your android device. Waitch below video by giriraj rawat gta 5 download to better understand the gameplay.

GTA 5 Performance And Review On Android Devices

The game is known to provide excellent graphic quality and it sure did keep up to its name. The game showcased amazing High Definition graphics; and the users can also see all the crisp details which they experience on their PC’s and Console’s.

The game heats up significantly if the device barely meets the system requirements to run the game, but has minimal heating issues if the game meets all the system requirements. But the overall gameplay is pretty smooth on both the devices; excluding the graphics.

The game plot revolves around three main characters; Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

gta 5 mobile apk

Michael is a retired bank robber and cuts a deal with the FIB, who further help him in transitioning to a normal life. Franklin is a local gangster who steals cars; he is often in limelight for his driving skills. Trevor is the most fearsome and biggest gangster amongst the group; he runs his own drug cartel and in simpler words is a psychopath.

Michael and Trevor used to work together, and Trevor thought that his buddy Michael was dead. Once he figured out Michael is alive, they both reconnect, and Franklin who works with Michael; joins them on their missions. The game allows the users to interact with everything they see and if the users want to experience more in the game, they can simply add MODS in the game which make it 10 times more fun to play.

Further, GTA 5 is approximately 70 square kilometres. This alone makes the game the biggest Open World game to explore and we can add on more maps in it using MODS. The game has endless things to offer and using it on your Android Device is cherry on top.